Saturday, October 17, 2009

Angel Food Ministries - November Menu is Now Available

The November Menu is now available!

10 pounds of Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast for $21 ~ does that sound like a bargain?

We'll be picking up our October order next Saturday. I definitely be sharing our experience with you.

Am I The Only One? What's Aldi's?

Marcus' Favorite Lasagna recipe

I've been observing that many of you comment on the fantastic buys at Aldi's. My curosity got the best of me so I Googled the name.

It appears it's a large grocery store that offers low prices. Sounds familiar. But, when I went to store locator I didn't see that they have a store in Nevada! Bummer!

So, do you find that the quality of the meat and vegetables are worth the savings?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Experience at Nevada Health Center

Candy Corn Soap available at Etsy

After a hour wait, in the waiting room and 20 minutes in the waiting room the nurse came in to take my blood pressure. The doctor showed up after another 30 minutes. There was no bedside manner here. She wanted to let me know that my blood pressure was high. I informed her that I ran out of my Lisprinol.

I had some difficult with my other refills. She was very hesitant in writing my controlled substance medications. Thank goodness I had my doctor records from California. My doctor included a list of medications and dosages and my diagnosis. I still had to sign a contract stating I would not go to another doctor for my medications and could not get medication if I lost, ran out and got them stolen.

The Nevada Health Center clinics offer sliding scale doctor's visits and lab fees for people who do not qualify for state programs.

Remember to bring your photo ID, copy of your source of income, utility bill or lease and birth certificate for everyone in the household.

They also accept Medicaid, Medicare, Nevada Check Up and other private insurance.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have You Discovered "Castle" Yet?

Kate Beckett, Richard Castle on "Castle"

I've been getting reacquainted with Hulu these days and rediscovered "Castle", the ABC crime comedy-drama series.

The Richard Castle character is a mystery writer, who uses his solving skills to helps the NYPD solve crimes. He's also smitten with Kate Beckett, a NYPD detective, and loves to push her buttons. The chemistry between them is fun to watch and I always love a great mystery.

So what TV shows are you watching online?

Hello Big Lot Shoppers! I Want to Hear Your Shopping Experience!

Charles and I went to our local Big Lot's last week with great excitement. We was actually looking forward to going since our experience, at the San Diego store, offered lots of food choices, great prices and even a freezer section!

Sadly, we were quickly disappointed once entering the store. There was no freezer section, prices were not lower then the local grocery stores and the choices were poor. Matter of fact we found a small bottle of off brand vegetable oil for $5!

But all was not lost! I did find a set of car floormats for $9!

My husband and I welcome your shopping experience feedback with Big Lots.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nevada Drug Card - Free Prescription Drug Cards for Nevada Residents

Nevada residents can download a free discount prescription drug card at Nevada Drug Card and receive savings of up to 75% on their prescriptions at participating pharmacies. (CVS, Kmart, Albertsons, Walmart, Vons, Smith's, Sam's Club, and many other chain and independent pharmacies)

I'll be putting my card to use this week when I get my pain medication refilled. And, I'll be back to blog about how it much I save.

Nevada Unemployment Debit Cards - Can You Say Aggravating?

When we were Property Managers customers would attempt to make their monthly rent payment with the Nevada Debit Card. There would be money on the card, to cover the charge but it would still deny the charge! This would result in the customer having to make a withdraw of funds and make a return trip.

After a few months, many customers told us that there were places that they couldn't use their cards ~ some gas stations, stores and online purchases where the charge status would display denied!

Well, we just ran into it the Brick Wall! Couldn't fill up the car, with gas nor pay for the Internet Service, this month with the card!

There's been other much louder arguments regarding the cards, such as withdraw and inquiry fees. Even Senator Harry Reid has also voiced his frustration but the banks refused to bend. (no surprise there)

These cards are suppose to be more convenient then waiting for a paper check to show up in your mail box, then drive, walk or catch the bus, to a casino or bank to cash it. Can you say aggravating?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vegas Recession RX - TV Program on PBS

My Nevada Unemployment Resource Guide provided a referral to Vegas Recession RX .

The tv show and website provides important information on topics, such as job search and resources for help.

The show has several community partners and can be found on their website.

My Unemployment Audit Went Well

I want to share with you my unemployment audit experience, in case you or someone else is in this predicament.

1. Actually show up -they will put a hold on your benefits till you come in for an audit.

2. Be prepared and follow the instructions - the auditor told me that many people show up with no list, haven't filled out the paperwork and left their photo ID.

3. They want to help you get employed - I was placed in their database, provided a handout of resources (job training, web addresses), they will look over your resume and provide feedback for free

4. After you're employed you must call them with the name of the company, when you'll start, and salary.

5. Keep your job search list for 2 years after you are no longer getting benefits. You can still be audited. If you can not provide the list you may have to pay back the benefits!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Recession and Marriage - They Go Together

Charles placing the ring on my finger

Remember you did say these words...richer or poorer I won't be going anywheres? Well, maybe you didn't say it like that ~ you get the point.

It's very important when you're dealing with a crisis, unemployment, layoffs, growing medical and credit card debt, recession and foreclosures, to have resources.

It's so easy to find yourselves blaming each other, angry, fighting and even wanting to run away from each other?

I find it helpful to talk with a pastor, to pray and read scripture together. I also make time to stop by Praise and Coffee's Two Shall Become One for Tuesdays.

Remember to spend some fun, cheap time together. Play a board game, watch a DVD, take a walk or my favorite, take a mid-day shower together.

As Praise and Coffee says ~ she's praying for our marriages. You know, I believe we all are.

On This Day - October 12, 2008

Charles and I cutting the cake

Mom and Marcus before leaving for the ceremony

On this day, October 12 2008, Charles and I renewed our wedding vows! I love looking at the photos, seeing happy smiling faces, remembering our vows.

Wouldn't be lovely to carry those same feelings everyday? Ah, I guess that's what photos are for.

Oh, isn't it Columbus Day?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - October 12, 2009

More photos from Red Rock Park in Las Vegas

I took advantage of a sale at Fresh & Easy and stock up on some ground beef, chicken thighs and drumsticks and pork chops. I'm making an effort to review the weekly grocery store ads before heading out the door.

Today, I'm heading to the nearest Nevada Unemployment office for an audit! They chose my name randomly. I have to show up with my job listing, showing places that I applied and ready to spend one hour there.

This Friday is the Las Vegas Homeschool Network's Clothing Swap. I've made my donation this weekend. I'll be on the lookout for some shirts for me.

Now onto this week's menu plan ~ courtesy of Taste of Home. The linked recipes are part of their Healthy section!

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for hosting the event!

Country Chicken with Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Meatloaf, Brown Rice, Sauteed Cabbage

Chicken Noodle Soup and Cornbread

Pork Chops and Caraway Cabbage

Puffy Chile Rellenos Casserole

Party in Pink at The Domestic Fringe!

Thanks to Lucy's Life for sharing her story and a link to Party in Pink! An opportunity to share stories of women in your life or perhaps yourself, who have fought breast cancer or are currently fighting.

Reminder Alert! Don't forget to schedule your mammogram!

Woodsy Ivy - Keep Them in Your Prayers

Woodsy Ivy has been posting about her mother's illness when I first started following her blog. She recently laid her mother down to rest. Please keep her and her family in your daily prayers and thoughts.

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