Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Closer ~ New Season Starts On Monday, December 7th

The Closer is our family favorite TV show. The new season starts on Monday, December 7, at TNT!

Ya all better not miss it!

Families Stick to Homeschooling Despite Economy

Daily Homeschooling News @

We looked at the calendar and realized that our "Little One" be graduating soon, from Odyssey High School!

Our homeshooling experience has been amazing! We've been watching Marcus become more confidient, follow his heart into community service and have some great opportunities over the years.

From the Frog Dissection at science lab to his Andrew Carnigie oral history project, Charles and I have also learned too.

We've had lots of fun like on our trip to Yuma, Arizona and working together.

Yes, homeschooling has been a blessing to our family through the years! I wouldn't change a thing.

Our Teen Has Health, Vision and Dental Coverage! What A Blessing!

Our teen, Marcus

I opened an envelope addressed to parents or guardians of Marcus Berry yesterday. It had a welcome letter and a plastic ID card, with Marcus's name on it and a Medicaid number.

I immediately called the insurance company and found out that Marcus is covered and has been covered since September 1, 2009!

This is due to the results of us submitting an application for Nevada Check Up. They sent us a letter advising us that Marcus had been denied due to the fact he qualified for Medicaid.

This has was a roundabout way to get him health coverage but we're pleased with the results. He now has health, dental and vision coverage and it's a true blessing!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Free Christmas Tastings at Whole Foods (Las Vegas)

Whole Foods Market

When we lived in San Diego we loved to head over to the Whole Foods in
La Jolla around Christmas time. The ready-made food and deli section was busy, colorful and fun! We loved sampling and then buying some goodies to take home and enjoy at the kitchen table.

Whole Foods, 7250 W Lake Mead, Las Vegas is dishing up Holiday offerings for you to try - completely FREE!

Come out to Whole Foods on Sunday, December 13th from 12pm - 3pm.

Parenting Your Teens During The Recession

Who's cooking in the kitchen with Marcus?

Charles and I definitely worried about how Marcus would and is dealing with the many losses in such a short time. We did get some yelling and anger words along the way. We also receive encourgement and support. Remember, he had to adjust to the changes too.

I've blogged about him volunteering at our church, recreation center and his homeschool PE program. Since I'm no longer working I have the time to take Marcus to his many activities. He recently told me he has appreciated the new experiences.

We're thrilled that he's taken an interest in our budget. He loves spotting grocery clearance sales at Fresh & Easy! Many times, he'll add his opinion regarding a purchase or expense. He's even been known to do some online research. And we do value his opinions.

During these difficult times teens can learn many valuable life lessons. The value of a buck, working for the first time, giving of their time and learning to live within their means.

Looking for more about parenting your teen during a job loss? Click here and read this article.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Triangles or Rectangles? How Would You Like Your Sandwich Cut Debate

A sandwich cut just the way I like it! My husband says he loves rectangles! Marcus says "You used to cut them in triangles when I was a kid but now I just quit caring since I make my own sandwich"

When I read this article yesterday I just had to let out a chuckle or two! I never cared how my sandwich was cut till I started working at Friendly's, many moons ago. (darn that place)

I just have to have my sandwich cut into triangles or it just doesn't feel right!

So, here's my question ~ triangles or rectangles?

211 Call Center - When You Need Utility, Food, Medical Or Other Assistance

If you're or someone you know is in need of food, medical, utility or other emergency assistance call or visit the website,2-1-1.

When they answer they'll ask some questions and than provide you with local agencies contact information.

Please don't let pride get into the way of your need.

Buy A Christmas Gift That Supports You and Your Man - Union28

Chocolate Fitted Short-Sleeve T-shirt available at Union28

I've blogged about the responses I get when I wear my long sleeve chocolate fitted "My Husband Rocks" T-shirt over the years. And when the hubby is with me he receives the positive comments and even a pat on the back from other hubbys.

Right now Union28 is having a sale on their fitted t-shirts Today!

SAVE 25 - 35% TODAY, December 3RD!

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PLUS, get FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $60 or more!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What's For Dinner? Wednesday Night

Marcus is roasting an Applewood and Bacon Pork Loin for dinner! I'll be making it a full meal with some veggies and rice.

Thanks to the Calvary Chapel Food Bank for the 2 Applewood and Bacon Pork Loins, Italian Sausages, milk, eggs, bread, pasta, and other canned goods, this month.

Red Rock Park, Las Vegas - Wordless Wednesday

I went to Red Rock Park with a family friend, in August. She thought it would be a good distraction for me.

Here's a few of the photos I took that day.

Tips on Selling Your Clothes for Cash!

Clothing I got at clothing swap this year

While living in Maine I used to purchase many of my clothes from consignment shops. I was able to save lots of money and wear designer labels.

These days, the trend is stronger than ever, thanks to a rough economy!

Many of us may be thinking of selling our clothes to reseller stores, for extra money. But before you do that, consider reading this article. It has great tips for what stores, like Buffalo Exchange, look for when considering purchasing an item.

One suggestion that I liked was to visit the store prior to bringing your items. That way you'll know beforehand if you have the style they're looking for.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Make Money on Elance: How to Stand Out and be Successful

Red Rock Park, Las Vegas

Make Money on Elance: How to Stand Out and be Successful

Since I'm at the halfway point on my unemployment benefits, Charles and I discussed joining Elance. It's a meeting place for freelancers.

I've done some research, for over a month. Read the various Elance posts at Workplace Like Home and we're going for it!

With another casino announcing that they're laying off 100 employees and limited job opportunities, we have to consider a self employed opportunity.

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Food Bank Open Today and Tomorrow

Food Bank Days and Hours: Tuesdays 10am to 2pm Wednesdays 1pm to 6pm

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Food Bank free monthly food assistance for families in zip codes: 89102, 89103, 89113, 89117, 89118, 89139, 89141, 89147, & 89146 or if you have a church referral letter written on CCSV letterhead.

Must provide proof of residency, valid picture ID for adults & birth certificates or social security cards for children under 18. First come first served, quantities limited. Calvary Chapel Spring Valley reserves the right to refuse service for those that do not meet eligibility requirements. Food assistance limited to once every 30 days.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Small Bedroom

I really like how I have decorated our small bedroom. I only used items that we own, in storage. It's a nice quiet room where I can relax.

We Won Some Fresh & Easy Goodies!

Fresh & Easy Goodies, coupons, recipes and their recyclable bag

Charles and I picked up our Fresh & Easy gift bag prize this weekend! Plus a bonus! We met Daisy, Deal Fanatic! She's a great lady and I'm a huge fan of her blog.

You guys just have to check out Deal Fanatic's money saving blog!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weathering The Storm Clouds in Marriage

Yesterday, Charles pawned his gold wedding band to pay for the car repair. I know that the ring is not a symbol or source of my marriage but when I saw the tan line on his finger I cried.

Today, I came across this devotional reading titled Until Death Do Us Part, courtesy of The African-American Devotional Bible, 1 Corinthians 7:8-24.

"Couples must look to more than the physical and material aspects to keep their marriage intact.

Storm clouds may roll in, tempers may flare, feelings may be hurt, misunderstandings may arise, and daily pressure of work and children may seem just too much to bear at time. But whatever the situation, whatever the problem, Jesus alone can provide the resources to solve them.

Without Jesus as the silent partner in the marriage, the mediator in conflicts and disagreements, and the comforter in times of hurt and despair, the marriage may very well crumble. With Jesus Christ as the head of our households and the center of our marriages, we can surely weather the storms, rejoice in the good times and remain true to the promises made before God ~ "until death do us part."

Just A Few of Our Blessings This Thanksgiving

Toby, the Wonder Dog ~ We're so happy that you were in our lives. We know you have a good family thanks to the NSPCA. Take care Toby!
Our family~ throughout the years

Marcus, our teen, is a fantastic cook!

The 30-Day Giving Challenge Shares Feed It Forward

Thank you to Keeping the Kingdom First!

I just finished participating in today's Feed It Forward online giveaway,through a Facebook application today.

My daily mission is to send to up to 30 people free $10 gift certificates till Christmas. The cool part is the gift certificates are free for me to give!

Here's some details from their website:

The gift of giving lifts spirits, spreads joy, and strengthens communities. Feed It Forward™ provides you the opportunity to help give away up to $30 million in free restaurant gift certificates—over 30 days—and allows you to treat friends, family, and colleagues—anyone deserving—to savings on a great meal out. Best of all, it’s FREE to Give and FREE to Receive.

Through Feed It Forward™, you have the opportunity to give from the heart and enrich the lives of people around you through the gift of meals and memories. Give a free $10 Gift Certificate to 30 different people, everyday until Christmas. Simply choose whom to give to and we take care of the rest.

There are restrictions, such as, you can send only send one gift per email address, and the $10 certificate typically requires a minimum purchase at select restaurants.

Please Pray For Small Town Blessings

I've been following her son's health concerns for over a week. You may have read a couple of my posts about Small Town Blessings. She truly has been a huge inspiration to me.

I just want to reach out and give her and her family a big hug. She needs all the spiritual support we can muster.

Please stop by her blog and leave a few words. Or just say a prayer. Thank you.

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