Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - January 18, 2009

We'll be picking up our Angel Food Ministries food boxes on Saturday. This food coop program really helps us stretch our food dollars. I utilize the convenient online ordering feature, at their website. Also, you can usually find monthly online ordering discount codes at their Facebook page.

Our teen really enjoys their breaded box. I love the fruit and veggie box. It's nice for our family to have fresh fruits and vegetables!

One more week before I start my new fulltime work at home job. Thanks Rat Race Rebellion! My husband and teen have set up my work area and I'm busy hanging some family photos. This week, I should be receiving some more emails and a validation session, for my computer.

We're still taking the bus these days till I get my first bi-weekly paycheck. We're lucky to have 2 grocery stores, Office Depot and CVS within walking distance of our apartment.

Now, onto this week's menu plan. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and Spanish Rice recipes are available at The Prudent Homemaker.

Thanks to Organizing Junkie for her hosting duties!

Oven Fried Chicken, Baked Beans, Oven Fries

Shredded Pork Tacos, Brown Rice

Baby Back Ribs, Green Beans, Mac N Cheese

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice

Oven Baked Pork Chops, Carrots, Mixed Green Salad

The Young and the Restless - I Have to Start Reading

The Young and the Restless

The good news is that when I start working I won't have much time to be watching this soap opera. Ugh! Where did I put my book?

Las Vegas Police Departments Offer Tips to Prevent Home Invasions - Las Vegas Now

Las Vegas Police Departments Offer Tips to Prevent Home Invasions - Las Vegas Now

Las Vegas residents please take the time to read this news article. Home invasions are up in our area.

Fresh & Easy - Ground Beef and Pork Chops on Sale!

This week's specials at Fresh & Easy ~ Don't miss out!

Ground Beef $1.49 a pound

Pork Chops $1.59 a pound

Wheat and White Pantry Bread 88 cents

Stop by Deal Fanatic - Giveaways and Weekly Sales

Daisy Mae, Deal Fanatic, shares lots of weekly sales, freebies, discounts and giveaways at her blog and on her Facebook page.

You'll find that you'll be a regular follower like me. So hurry over and check out the Cottonelle giveaway and this week's Fresh and Easy specials!

National Pie Week at Coco's Restaurant & Bakery

January 23 to 29 is National Pie Week at Coco's Restaurant!

Eat dinner there on January 26, Tuesday, after 4 pm and receive a free slice of pie!

All whole pies are a $1 off during January 23-29!

What's your favorite pie? I love apple pie!

The Church at South Las Vegas - Join Us Online

I really enjoy their interactive worship service. Please feel free to join us online at The Church at South Las Vegas!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nevada Governor Wants to Explore Dropping Medicaid - Las Vegas Now

Nevada Governor Wants to Explore Dropping Medicaid - Las Vegas Now

Nevada is broke so I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the governor looking into this. The bad thing is that it will hurt alot of poor people who rely on this program for their health care.

Angel Food Ministries Has Extended Orders Till Monday, January 18th!

Angel Food Ministries is extending the ordering deadline until MONDAY, JANUARY 18th at 5:00PM EST!!

Online orders will be accepted till 11:59pm, Sunday, January 17th!

Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today - Thank You Everything's Coming Up Daisies!

I received my giveaway prize courtesy of Everything's Coming Up Daisies last week. Thank you!

Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today by Kathi Macias is part book, devotion, and bible study.

I'm really looking forward to reading this book.

Here's what Editorial Review had to say:

In Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today, readers meet ordinary women of their day who, by God’s incomparable grace, were used for extraordinary purposes. Readers will journey through the lives of such mothers— like Eve, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Salome, Mary, and others. Exploring heart issues like fear, discontentment, grief, and gratitude, readers will discover solutions through biblical models of prayer, sacrifice, and faithfulness. Each chapter ends with personal application and prayer.

Tylenol Product Recall - Check Your Lot Numbers

Our bottle of Tylenol Arthritis medication's lot number is part of the recall. I immediately called the toll free number but couldn't get through. Instead, I went to the website, emailed the lot number and my snail mail address. About a week later we received a coupon for a free bottle of Tylenol Arthritis pills.

The recall has since been expanded to include additional Tylenol products. Click here to read more about the recall.

Health Care is About Do You Have The Money!

I went to the doctor yesterday for my monthly prescription refills and a cut that didn't heal properly. The nurse advised that I needed an X-ray and a tetanus shot. When I asked the nurse how much I told her that I didn't have the funds and would have to have both at a later date. When the doctor entered my room she advised me she was told that I declining the shot and the X-ray and thought I was risking my health.

I told her that it wasn't that I didn't want them but I couldn't afford them.

When I hear people say all Americans need is health insurance so that they will have access to health care I want to remind them that doesn't guarantee healthcare.

One must have available funds for health care.

When I had Blue Cross they denied all my pre-existing and wouldn't cover many of my medications. I was forced to pay over $500 for medications and $200 for doctor's visits, a month, while paying for my health insurance.

The only reason I was able to pay for my visits and medications was our family had a free apartment, didn't pay for utiliites and we received a living wage. We no longer have that luxury.

Yes, health care is a luxury in our society. So, we'll have to wait till next month and pray for the best.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tri Tip is On Sale at Von's - Tri Tip Rub Recipe

This turned out so good! The teen and hubby gave me a hug!

Tri Tip is on sale for $1.97 a pound at Von's!

Tri Tip Rub recipe courtesy of

3 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons salt
2 tablespoons ground black pepper
2 pounds tri tip roast

1.Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat and lightly oil grate.
2.In a medium bowl, combine garlic powder, salt and pepper. Mix together and coat both sides of tri tip.
3.Sear both sides on hot grill then cook 20-25 minutes or until center is light pink. Slice at an angle.

American Red Cross Pledges Initial $1 Million to Haiti Relief

American Red Cross Pledges Initial $1 Million to Haiti Relief

Stop by American Red Cross website for more information on how you can make monetary donations.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Geek Squad Online Technical Support - Service Recommendation

I want to give Phillip, Geek Squad, 5 stars for his fabulous technical and customer support today.

We had a virus on our computer and some corrupted files that needed to be repaired before my new employer validated our computer.

We had used Geek Squad before and were happy with the service so I went online and took a look a their remote service. I clicked on the first available agent. They asked what the problem was and advised me they were connecting me with an agent who's expertise was Windows updates.

Phillip, Geek Squad, ran a systems analyze, advised me of what would need to be done and the price. This was going to be the quickest way to get the work done and we've always been happy with Geek Squad.

After we paid the service fee Phillip advise me approximately how long it would take - 4 hours. He also had a chat form up for us to ask any questions while he was doing the repairs.

The results - The computer is now running better and I'm ready for my validation session! Thanks Geek Squad!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Husband Just Called ~ May Not Have a Job on Monday

Oh well, that's retail and the declining economy. We actually thought they would have let him go right after Christmas anyways. It appears the company isn't happy with the sales in the appliance section and might just close it down. If they take that path he's not sure if they'll keep him.

In the meantime, he's working 25 hours a week and still looking for a fulltime office position.

Finally Made a Purchase - Plantronics Headset

Plantronics Audio 645 USB Headset available at Office Depot $45.89

Things have changed since I was doing customer service from home. For example, more companies require a USB headset to be used for training and/or processing phone calls.

I wasn't sure which one I was going to purchase so I did some research online at Office Depot. Many headset products' customer feedbacks were all over the place. The feedbacks weren't much help.

So, this morning, I headed to my local Office Depot knowing I would be making a purchase today. I still wasn't sure which one I was going to buy!

I want to give Joel, Office Depot, 5 stars, for assisting me with my choice. He answered all my questions and provide great feedback! I went with the call center favorite ~ Plantronics!

The Cheapest Ways to Get Haircuts

The Cheapest Ways to Get Haircuts

Here's some suggestions regarding getting inexpensive or free haircuts that you might not have thought of.

Walmart Charging for Recyclable Bags - What's Your Opinion

You will no longer hear "Plastic or Paper" at some of your Walmart stores this year. And you'll need to have a few extra dollars in your pocket because they're going to be charging for their recyclable bags.

I love my Fresh & Easy recyclable bags! I just never remember to bring them in the store because I use them for other stuff around the house. But this frugal gal is definitely going to learn.

How about you? Are you going to stop shopping at Walmart? Do you have a great tip for remembering to bring in your bags?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Received My First Free Issue of Everyday Food Magazine - Thank You Tidymom!

I won a drawing a few months ago courtesy of Tidymom. The prize was a free year subscription of Everyday Food Magazine.

I've been a fan of this cookbook magazine and occasional subscriber for years. The simplicity of the ingredients and healthy recipes have made many great meals in our house. The cooking tips and colorful photos are a plus!

And because of the size of the magazine I can just pop it in my purse when shopping for the ingredients!

Menu Plan Monday - January 11, 2010

My first day of work is slowly approaching so we've been getting my work area ready. My husband and teen are going to be setting up my work area. Our teen added an additional gig to the computer. We've ordered the Internet service from the phone company, purchased a 50ft phone cord and will purchase a corner computer desk. I have to replace my PC headset since the headphones aren't working. (glad I found out now)

The flu really took a toll on my body. My pain levels were horrible. And I've been sick for almost 3 weeks! I certainly will be getting the flu shots now!

My husband's retail work hours have been reduced so he's currently looking for a part time job. Las Vegas unemployment is still high...13%. Our goal of moving is 3-6 months so hopefully things will pick up by spring.

Now onto the week's menu plan. Thanks Organizing Junkie for hosting!

Shrimp Stir Fry with Brown Rice

Chicken Noodle Soup and Grilled Cheese

Sausage, Onions and Potatoes

Roasted Chicken and Braised Kale


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do You Wear Rubber Gloves When You Wash Dishes?

I usually have backup pairs of rubber gloves for washing dishes but realized that I ran out. My son asked "Why do I wear them"? My response they keep my nails from breaking and my hands from being dried out when washing dishes, scrubbing the tub or washing the walls.

ps my favorite color is the hot pink

Do you wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes?

Formula of a Successful Marriage

I heard this on a TV program tonight.

Successful marriage are made up of lust, laughter, and loyalty.

The Business of Giving | "This Emotional Life" continues with outreach programs | Seattle Times Newspaper

The Business of Giving | "This Emotional Life" continues with outreach programs | Seattle Times Newspaper

I've been enjoying watching "This Emotional Life" on PBS. Thanks Facebook! It's a 3 part series that can be watched online and is currently being rebroadcast on PBS. It's about the human search for happiness and the things that we think and do bring it. They discuss the latest medical research in happiness and real life stories of people dealing with their personal experience of finding happiness.

I especially enjoy the personal stories.

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