Saturday, May 01, 2010

Marcus Debuting His New Blackberry Curve

Here's the short video of our teen debuting his new Blackberry Curve!

Thank You for Your Prayers and Good Thoughts

My husband and I had our first couple therapy session last week. It provided a safe environment for my husband to ask questions regarding my Major Depression Disorder. It was an eye opener, for both of us.

Our teenager and I are slowly rebuilding our relationship. He still gets a scared look on his face if I get upset. As a mother, it's upsetting that my actions have caused our son to not feel secure.

I'm learning that my new diagnosis and medications, are now part of my daily life. The medications still make me tired and the side affects are annoying. My psychiatrist has advised me that he will not change my medications, at this time. If the side affects don't start to taper off he may reconsider making changes.

I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts as our family begins to live, understand and cope with my major depression disorder.

How to Set Up a Meal Delivery Business

Paula and the Dean Brothers

How to Set Up a Meal Delivery Business

Did you know that the begins to Paula Deen's success started with The Bag Lady, a lunch delivery business which grew into The Lady & Sons?

Kelly Connect Seeking Customer Services Reps

Kelly Connect is recruiting individuals from the following metro areas: Dallas/Houston, TX Charlotte/Raleigh-Durham/Chapel Hill, NC/St. Louis/Kansas City, MO Minneapolis, MN

"Individuals will be hired by Kelly to provide customer service to one of our major clients, an industry leader with one of the most recognizable brands in the market today," said Jonathan Means, senior vice president and general manager, KellyConnect. "This exciting position offers the flexibility of working from home while gaining valuable career experience."

Click here for more details.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Marriage and Chronic Pain - Stop by Fog Magazine

Chronic pain can cause many troubled times in a marriage. Over the last 10 years, I've met and spoken to many women who had confided in that their husbands left due them not being able to cope with their pain and limitations.

In my own marriage, we've had some rough times as we redesigned our roles as man and wife.

Recently I discovered Fog Magazine, courtesy of Faith, Family and Fibromyalgia. While surfing the website I came across an article, Marriage Plans and Pain.

In the article, it reminds us that there are certain expectations when a couple marries but many of us aren't ready to deal with forced changes such a spouse suffering from chronic pain.

In my case, I had to stop working in brick and mortar call centers, where I was earning $17 a hour. When I wanted to return to work, I did find employment through a work at home call center but I did earn much less. And we had to adjust to that lost of income.

Not to mention the days where my pain was so severe I was on bed rest and couldn't be left alone.

You'll find some helpful tips and even a link to a book, Chronic Pain and the Family by Julie Silver MD.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do You Remember "Another World"

You can catch up with your old favorites, on Another World, Cass, Rachel, Mac and Felicia on

Feeding A Large Crowd? Stop By Getting Freedom.Net

Stop by Feeding A Crowd to read about 4 Moms who are featuring recipes made for those cooking for large families or entertaining a big crowd!

"Mom, You Have No Idea What It's Like to Be In Charge of a 5 Year Old!"

Marcus posing for his graduation cake topper

Ever since our teen started his youth counseling job, in February, he shares with us his tips and experience of supervising ages 5 to 12.

Here's one of Marcus' tips for watching the 5 year olds.

Don't answer your cell phone! It's very distracting. This age will wonder off, before you know it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Marcus Got His First Cell Phone! Minus the Parents!

Blackberry Curve

After much research our 18 year old teen decided that he would secure his own cell phone and service contract. He picked a Blackberry Curve with Sprint!

I asked Marcus if he needed any help negotiating his service plan or the purchase of the phone but he told me he would be okay.

He let me look it over after he got home and he did a great job!

ps I'll be posting the video of Marcus unveiling his new phone! He's been watching alot of Phonedog!

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