Friday, October 01, 2010

Organizing Our Master Bedroom Closet

Sorry, no Before Photos of the messy closet!

After Photos

Charles' pants organized by dress pant and jeans. His shirts are organized by dress long sleeve, short sleeve,T-shirt, and polos.

My collection of hats - They are much needed in the abusive weather of Las Vegas!

I added a Fresh & Easy recyclable bag to hold dry cleaning and hand wash items. The shoe rack keeps the shoes together and off the floor.

The Good Wife is Back for Season 2!

I was really looking forward to the return of The Good Wife!

Army Observes National Depression Awareness Month

In April 2010, I attempted suicide by taking an overdose of prescription anxiety pills. My husband called the paramedics and I was rushed to the hospital. A few days later I was committed to a mental health hospital.

With intense individual and group therapy, proper medication, and the Heavenly Father I was FINALLY able to accept my depression!

Army Observes National Depression Awareness Month.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know ~ Family Favorite

I purchased my first Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook after Charles and I moved in together, in 1996. I had read that this cookbook had the very basics for beginners and more advance home cooks. As a new wife I really needed a cookbook that was also a resource.

One of the most used sections of the book were the How-To pages. Want to know what temperature and cooking time to bake sweet potatoes? The cookbook provides steps for cutting up a whole chicken to how to serve a whole fish! I found that these pages to invaluable!

After looking through the various recipes I began making pancakes and waffles from scratch. Charles and Marcus enjoyed them much more then the mixes. I could also eliminate the sugar since Charles is a diabetic.

Overall, this cookbook we think this cookbook is a must have in all kitchens. I'm even planning on getting Kiana and Marcus their copies when they fly the nest!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Work at Home Job Leads - Work at Home Moms

Check out these work at home jobs leads courtesy of Work at Home Moms

Medco offers Customer Service Representatives position,in Dublin, OH, the opportunity to work at home. This is a pharmacy service company.

Pay for this employment position is $12/hr to start; other benefits include bonuses, health insurance, tuition reimbursement. offers work at home writing opportunities for available topics. The base pay is $625 a month!

Let's Stop Bullying!

Anderson Cooper spoke about another tragic child suicide that's related to bullying.

My heart and prayers go out to all of the families.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have You Ever Been to a Facebook Party?

Last night I attended an awesome online Facebook Party hosted by MomLife Today. MomLife Today is a faithbased online social networking site for moms in all stages. You find information on lots of support, articles, tips on how to mentor young moms, parenting babies to older children and marriage.

The hostesses kept the conversation rolling with insightful questions, at last night's party. While many moms were seeking support and other providing advice. There were even giveaways! (you know how much I giveaways)

I also met some amazing women who are dealing with major issues. One mom even chatting about taking in a child that was homeless. She even encourage others to not be afraid to mother someone's child. (that sounds like me)

It was a terrific party! I really hope that MomLife Today does one again soon!

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Grocery Store Family Favorite

Fresh & Easy is one of our family's favorite grocery stores.

We love the gourmet prepared entrees and side dish because there's no preservatives or additives! My husband and I love their Mango Chicken with Rice. Marcus is a big fan of the Mozzarella Cheese, Tomato and Spinach with Pesto Sandwich.

The store has a small friendly staff. As a regular they do get to know you by name.

Work at Home Reservation Agents - Enterprise Rent a Car

Enterprise Rental A Car is currently offering remote call center positions. On-site training is required at call center locations in St. Louis, MO, Eugene, OR, and Salt Lake City, UT.

This lead is courtesy of Work at Home Mom

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Skillet Chicken Stew Recipe - Every Day with Rachael Ray

Skillet Chicken Stew Recipe - Every Day with Rachael Ray

We received a lot of chicken legs in our Angel Food order, this month. I'm definitely going to ask Charles to make this dish! It looks and sounds amazing!

Still Waiting for Unemployment Benefits?

Charles is still waiting for his unemployment benefits to start. He has been faxing the information that the agency request and waiting on a response.

Here's suggestions when dealing with a delay on your unemployment benefits are to keep copies of your emails and documents.

Also remember to keep a written or typed list of the jobs you've applied at. You can be audited at anytime.

Are You a Fan of "The Event"?

Charles and I decided to give this new NBC TV show a try on Sunday.

Lots of time sequence jumping, questions and plenty of answers.

We haven't been this interested in a TV show since 24.

You'll find full episodes available at Fancast and NBC.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - September 27, 2010

Some good news ~ Since my husband was laid off, for the second time, I thought I would get off my butt and look for another work at home customer service position. I currently work at home full time and have set hours so I needed a position with 24 hours, 7 days a week availability and flexible hours. Today, I received an offer and I accepted!

Today, Cox Communication is coming by to install a second phone number, for $10 a month. The work at home company requires that there be no features on the line. Something I was unable to do since my primary employer requires them.

My husband and I picked up our Angel Food Ministries order over the weekend. This is a food coop that offers food packages at affordable prices. I also like that we can place orders online. They are located in many states. Just check their website for more information.

Over the weekend our nephew, Kareem passed away after having brain surgery. He was a teenager, who suffered from a stroke. Kareem also had a chronic illness, sickle cell anemia. Our prayers and thoughts are with his parents and family.

Oven Baked Pork Chops, Broccoli, Carrots and Stuffing

Pork Roast, Cauliflower, Mashed Potatoes

Turkey Sloppy Joes, Bread and Butter Pickles, Carrot Sticks

Pork Tacos, Black Beans

Chicken Noodle Soup

Shepards Pie

I Got Hired by ACD Direct - Flexible Hours

I'm really excited! After Charles and I were laid off last August I gave myself a goal of having 2 work at home jobs.

After Charles lost his property management position the fire was lit and I got busy.

Thanks to Rat Race Rebellion and my buddies at Workplace Like Home!

How To Do A Salon Perfect Manicure At Home (Beauty & Style: Manicures)

How To Do A Salon Perfect Manicure At Home (Beauty & Style: Manicures)

Here's some great tips for doing a salon manicure at home.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Master Bedrooms

This is my husband and I's space in our home. We keep it pretty sparse since we like just focusing on our time alone. You'll notice there's no TV in the room.

Kiana and Marcus always ask to use our bathroom if their's isn't available. They also like to stop by, sitting on the bed and share news with us.

My husband has had this bedframe since his single days. When we got married he sprayed painted it green. Over the years we've replaced the mattress and box frame but not our loyal friend.

The wall hanging is from Target. Charles and I love finding things for the house, on clearance. We also purchased the coverlet from Target...just $6!

One of Charles and I's favorite photos of Marcus. A professional photographer was at the game that day taking photos for a news story. We approached her about buying the photo from her.

Charles was doing some window shopping one day and called me to meet him at a clearance furniture store. This piece was originally $800 marked down to $200 and he really wanted it so when I got there we bought it on the spot.

My husband has been a Time magazine reader since his high school days. Dino, the dinosaur has been around since I met Charles 23 years ago. Dino used to sit on the dashboard of his car. After we got together we retired him to our bedroom.

Our side tables are from Ikea in San Diego. My teddy bear has been my buddy since Marcus was little. Here's what's on my reading list, In The Garden of Our Dreams: Memories of a Marriage, Calm My Anxious Heart, 2010 Ikea catalog!

A another view of our master bedroom with a view of our closet.

Kareem, Our Nephew Has Passed On

We were informed of Kareem's passing last night. Even though we're not close to my family this news saddens our hearts.

I asked Charles, my husband, to send a family response. Rest in peace Kareem.

We are all saddened at hearing of the passing of Kareem. Our hearts and prayers are with his family. We can only be comforted in the knowledge that Kareem is now in a better place at the side of God and whatever suffering in this world that he had to endure is now ended. Kareem is now at peace. We must remember good thoughts of Kareem, and that will give us strength to carry on and do good things in throughout our lives while thinking of him.

Condolences and Respects to all of Kareem’s Family,

Charles, Rona, Marcus and Kiana

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