Saturday, October 23, 2010

Resume Templates for High School Students

You know we couldn't have Kiana leave without a resume. offers resume samples for high school students. We found them very helpful.

Just a Few Work at Home Job Leads - Rat Race Rebellion

Visit Rat Race Rebellion for more work at home job listings. Good luck in your job search!

# Home and Lifestyle Writers - eHow
# Head Start Grantee Specialist (Dallas, TX, area) - Booz Allen
# Medical Transcriptionist (Jacksonville, FL, area) - St. Vincent's HealthCare System
# Get paid writing for Suite101 -- over 10,000 writers and 30 million readers
# Jumbo and Super Jumbo Due Diligence Analysts - Allonhill
# Database Administrator (Baltimore, MD, area) - Connections Academy
# Luxury and Home Design Products Blogger / Writer - Gracious Style

Charles Has a New Job - Uhaul

He went to our local Uhaul training facility on Friday to fill out his paperwork and pick up his polo shirt. His first day of work will be this Monday.

Charles has been hired to work part time, taking reservations, sales, and cleaning trucks. He's hoping to that this will lead to an Assistant Manager position in the future.

Marcus, Kiana and I are very proud.

Kiana Has Her First Job Interview ~ Payless Shoes

She filled out the online application on Thursday and received a phone call on Friday!

Today is her job interview at Payless Shoes.

This is a perfect job for a high school student. It would give her lots of customer service experience, not to mention a discount on shoes, handbags and accessories.

Marcus, Charles and I are very proud.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Are You Planning On Giving Out Treats This Year?

Kiana trying on a big hat!

Bad economy, unemployment and underemployment rates running high, many people are opting out of giving treats this Halloween and Harvest.

We decided to take advantage of some of low prices, purchase our limit of 2 large bags of candy for our apartment complex.

Will you be passing out treats?

Looking for Delicious Sugar Free Chocolates? See's Candies

I discovered See's Candies Sugar Free Chocolates 3 years ago when a former client gave us a See's gift certificate.

We decided to visit the local retail store to purchase candies for the store. When we offered a sample of the Sugar Free Dark Walnut Chocolates we had a change of heart.

This holiday season don't forget to treat your favorite diabetic.

ps non diabetics will love these too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its That Time Again ~ Benefits Re-enrollment

If you're like me you taking a much closer look at your employer's benefits package this year.

My health care contribution is going to increase by 10% this year. There's also some changes to the Health Care Reimbursement Accounts, such as no longer covering Over-the Counter Medicines unless due to after care.

This article at will shed more light on which health benefits are worth the money and which ones aren't.

Are You a Short Hair or Long Hair Gal?

Essence magazine posted this question on their Facebook page this morning. I thought it would be fun to share it on BerryMorins Bits & Tips too.

Are you a short hair or long hair gal?

Sitel is Hiring for Work at Home Agents

Sitel is one of the few outsourcing remote call centers that not only pay hourly but offer full benefits, 401k and employee discounts.

You will complete your training online. And they send you a computer tower.

Good luck in your job search!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pain, Pain Go Away - TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulator and Vest

I knew my health insurance would approve my TENS Unit, Muscle Stimulator and Vest. Once they got a look at my medical records there's no doubt I'm a severe chronic pain sufferer.

The TENS Unit helps me with those 10+ pain level days by scattering the pain messages going to my brain. It helps me from taking additional pain medication.

The Muscle Stimulator is for my myofacial syndrome ~ chronic upper back tightness. For the last 10 years I have been dealing with intermittent pinched nerves, muscle spasms, injections and migraines. My hope is someday these issues will lessen.

The Vest is for those days no one is here to assist me with apply my patches and running the lines. I had one before and it definitely comes in handy.

Kiana and Her Room Re-Do

This morning I decided to make some changes to Kiana's room. I gave Teddy a place at the top of the bed. She found the M&M pillow at her mother's house. I purchased her some orange lights at Party City. And I moved the paper lilies to her side table.

We found the hat in a box so I thought I would have Kiana model it.

Another photo of Kiana and the hat!

Show Us Your Life - Home Office Space

I work at home as a Residential Phone Rep Tech for a national telecommunications company since January 2010. I've been working at home since 2005. It all started from a work related injury and having my former company settling my work rehab.

I still suffer from severe chronic pain so working at home gives me lots of flexibility.

A view of my home office space. I love the glass desk. It's large and easy to keep clean. Several of the fun items were given to me by Charles, Marcus and Kiana. Since I share my space with Kiana she's a frequent visitor while I'm working.

The "fist" was a Mother's Day gift from Marcus. Sometimes I switch the flower out for a pencil.

Marcus' sophomore photo ~ Our kids are one of the reasons I work so hard.

I call these my tension release toys ~ coffee cup and a whacked out face. They get plenty of work out during my shifts.

I decided to label the cords using my Dymo Labelmaker. It comes in handy when I have to troubleshoot my own equipment.

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