Saturday, November 06, 2010

Are You Still Deciding Your Benefit Package?

We recently found out that Charles has health and dental coverage with his part time Uhaul job. When I looked over the dental coverage I discovered it's better then my Century Link coverage!

To my surprise it actually provides 100% of preventative dental coverage, cost less and we don't have to change our dentist.

For vision - family will be covered, I'm staying with my employer's health coverage and Marcus and Charles are going with UHaul.

Please take the time to study your benefit packages. You could find that you'll save some money and get better coverage.

Friday, November 05, 2010

What Do You Make at Kelly's Corner

Wall Decals available at Etsy.

First of all many of you are extremely talented, creative and have home businesses. Etsy is one of my favorite online malls.

So, here's a chance for you to link up to her Show Us Your Life linky party and perhaps get obtain some new shoppers.

We're Staying Put- Not Moving!

Charles giving an ironing lesson

Despite the fact the property management group had fired my husband he was the only source of onsite passwords, access codes, paperwork, etc, that still lived at the property. So the new managers would call him, almost daily and ask for help.
(I know...crazy)

We received a phone call, yesterday, that they would lowered our rent to the manager's rate for the next 2 months!

Charles also has a final interview with the TSA! And they have a vacancy!

The Lord answers our prayers at his own time and in his own way.

Anaheim White House on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

Saturday Update: $70,000 was raised so far!

Bill Handel, 640 kfi radio host, is broadcasting LIVE this Friday morning to help raise money for Bruno's charity to keep feeding the hotel kids. If you can't give money, you can give a box of pasta since Bruno uses about 25 lbs a day for these dinners!

Come out to Anaheim White House Restaurant:
887 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim CA 92805

You can also donate online at 640 kfi website.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Supporting All Moms! Originally Posted in June 2009

I feel fortunate to have been a Working Mom Outside of the Home, a Stay at Home Mom and a Work At Home Mom. What a fun and crazy ride this has been!

I recently realized that our Heavenly Father, wanted me to discovery that I was meant to be a mom and wife. And you know what? I truly love it!

My passion has been parenting our son and being a supportive spouse, these 18 years. At each "working stage", both have been challenging and demanding but it was the right choice for me and our family.

When your 18 year old son tells you that you've been a great mom and still gives you hugs, you know you've done some thing right. And isn't that our raise them into Godly men and go out on their own?

I want to let all the moms out there know that there is no right or wrong.

Let's quit beating up on each other and ourselves and support each other's choice.

Winter's coming — time to let workers telecommute? |

Winter's coming — time to let workers telecommute? |

When the weather is terrible I'm extremely thankful for doing my job from home.

Example: The horrible rain and wind in Las Vegas. The wild fires in San Diego.

Affordable Ways of Communication

Affordable Ways of Communication
Facebook, Skype, and blogging were just a few of the affordable ways to communicate with your family and friends.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How to Raise Men That We'd Want to Marry - Oprah

Attention mothers of sons: Women of the future are counting on you. Valerie Monroe tells how to bring up a good, kind, happy, mindful, nongrunting husband-to-be.

That statement got me very interested in reading the article. I can remember when Marcus was born and they placed him in my arms I thought to myself "You're going to be a great husband when you're grown."

Data Technical Specialist Work at Home- Century Link

Data Technical Specialist
$11.00 per hour

Job Description: Leading provider of high-quality voice, broadband and video services has job opportunities for Data Technical Specialist. Primary job duties involve technical trouble shooting helpdesk assistance for high speed internet customer. Keep records of customer interactions and transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, and comments, and actions taken. Ensure that appropriate changes were made to resolve customers' problems. Obtain and examine information to verify complaints and to determine possible causes.

Consult with customers by phone to provide information about products and services. Specialists are encouraged to proactively offer and/or upgrade customer's current CenturyLink services to ensure that customers are taking advantage of products and services that are available to meet their needs. Additionally, specialists may refer unresolved customer issues for further investigation.
Contact: Please review additional details and technical requirements at: Century Link

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

True Love Tuesday at A Praying Wives Club

Here's the opening to this week's True Love Tuesday post: "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
~Mignon McLaughlin,
20th century American journalist & author

Click here to read more of the post.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

We're Moving...Again!

We can no longer afford the apartment so we'll be moving very soon. Everyone is bummed but there's worst things in this world.

We'll put some items in storage and downsizing to a 2 bedroom apartment.

Charles and I have decided to seek employment in self storage management. The free apartment and utilities is a huge reason that we're looking at returning.

In the meantime, I pray for all the families that are dealing with making hard decisions in this rough economy.

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