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Customer Service - Customer Service Rep (hba) jobs in California at Terminix

Customer Service - Customer Service Rep (hba) jobs in California at Terminix

Do you live in the Los Angeles area and looking for a work at home customer service representative?

Terminix is offering Customer Service Representative positions that you can do at home. Click on the link above for more details.

So Employers Still Pass Out Free Turkeys?

What a nice surprise! My husband's employer passed out Butterball Turkey Gift Checks for $20.

So we'll be picking up a turkey breast and some fixings.

Buy One, Get One Free at Starbucks

Have you heard about this freebie?

Buy one holiday drink between the hours of 2pm and 5pm till November 21st, Sunday at Starbucks!

Now that's an affordable date night with your spouse.

Von's -Grocery Delivery

Did you know that in certain cities Von's grocery store offers delivery?

It's a great way for me to stock up on the Buy One, Get One Free specials. I also used my free delivery charge code.

Besides, the closest store to us is over 20 miles and a long bus ride.

We're Empty Nesters This Thanksgiving

Marcus and Me before he left.

Kiana went to visit her father in Salt Lake City yesterday. And since her father offered to pay for Marcus to go he went too.

So yesterday they packed up and left for their trip.

The apartment is so quiet and clean. No sounds of XBox games, no pile of dirty dishes in the sink, "Mom" or "Rona" being yelled and no size 15 sneakers to fall over in the hallway.

It will be nice to have the place to ourselves for the next week. We're planning on eating out on Thanksgiving.

But we do miss the teens!

Show Us Your Bathrooms at Kelly's Korner

Kelly's Korner had Show Us Your Bathrooms last Friday.

Our apartment has 2 full bathrooms. The hallway bathroom doubles as Kiana and Marcus' bathroom and guest bathroom.

Most of the decor actually came from Terry's Village.

We're fans of blues, grays and creams. And since we move frequently and never know how many bathrooms we might have it cuts down on new purchases.

My husband and I are happy to have a master bathroom. This is our second apartment that had one. We love it!

Seven Tips for Finding Home-Based Work Online by Chris Durst & Michael Haaren on - A Syndicate Of Talent

Starbucks Iced Mocha

Seven Tips for Finding Home-Based Work Online by Chris Durst & Michael Haaren on - A Syndicate Of Talent

I would like to add that Work Place Like Home, a virtual water cooler, is a fantastic resource for those looking to work at home.

For example, many work at home companies have a folder on this message board, where you can read other's experiences and ask questions prior to submitting an application.

Dental Insurance - Read Before You Buy

I'll never forget when we first moved to Las Vegas I decided to purchase a dental insurance plan for our family. I didn't read the policy before I purchased it. Bad idea.

Marcus was having several teeth pulled in preparation for having his braces redone. When I got to the sign out desk they advised me that I owed them $500. Marcus' procedure exhausted the yearly maximum!

Read more at Dental Insurance for helpful money saving tips before re-enrolling in your employee dental plan or purchasing a plan.

High School Exit Exam Week!

Marcus helped Kiana study for her Science and Math High School Exit Exams this weekend.

Marcus explained that some of the exam questions are on topics that weren't covered in school. Since he had a knack for Science and Math he did very well.

Kiana said that she felt she did well yesterday. Today, she has her Math exam.

Praying Kiana doesn't get too nervous and remembers the material.

Have You Tried the Neti Pot? I Did and It Works!

I've been suffering from chronic sinusitis and migraines for more then 10 years. So believe when I say this when I heard about the Neti Pot I was skeptical.

When I saw their Facebook offer for a free Neti Pot and 2 sinus rinse packets I figured I would give it a try.

After using it this morning I have to say my nose felt so much better. Alot of the pressure was elevated. Charles, my husband, mentioned that I wasn't sneezing as much today.

If you want to get more feedback on the Neti Pot check out WebMD's article.