Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Big Daddy" Has a Bad Cold

No household lessons for the teens.

Big Daddy is sick with a bad cold. As a diabetic we always have to be very careful by watching his blood sugar and keeping him hyderated.

See more at WebMD.

With Company Facing Job Cut, Woman Fires Herself

It was nice to start my day by reading a story like this.

And it appears she was rewarded with finding another job (less pay) that gives her the flexibility to oversee her business.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Breezy Spring Sugar Free Raisin & Oats Cookies - Yuck!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Breezy Spring Sugar Free Raisin & Oats cookies are horrible. Taste like cardboard.

There's other companies that sell delicious sugar free cookies. Don't waste your money.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting The Thanksgiving Dinner

Butterball Turkey Roast with Savory Herb Marinate

I started out with preheating the oven to 325 degrees. The turkey roast will be in the oven till it's internal temp is 170 degrees. I did set the timer for 2 hours but I'll be checking on it after 1.5 hours.

I've removed the plastic wrap and netting from the turkey roast. As instructed I brushed it with vegetable oil.

And she's ready to go in.I'm planning on making some mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, gravy and stuffing for 2.

ps I just spoke to Kiana and Marcus. They're both sick, will be leaving on Saturday and we'll see them Sunday morning.

Post a Stain Remover Chart in Your Laundry Room

I actually got my Stain Remover Chart from Martha Stewart Clotheskeeping Special Issue in 1998.

I keep it in a plastic sleeve and hang it on the laundry wall. Believe me, it definitely comes in handy.

Roasting My First Turkey Roast Today

Since Charles has to work today I'm in charge of making dinner.

I'm going to roasting a turkey roast so I stopped by Butterball website for a recipe.

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Laundry Room and Patio

Thanks for stopping by to see our laundry room and patio. I recently took some time to clean and reorganize the laundry room. If we didn't live in an apartment I would definitely add another shelf. But for now, I'm just happy to have the space.

The patio is great for Charles' gardening. And now that it's fall it's pleasant to sit outside.

I keep a Stain Remover 101 chart on the wall so we can refer to it in a pinch.

I also like to keep the stain remover supplies on the shelf. That way everyone knows where they are. The Dryel kit comes in handy for many of Kiana and I's clothes.

As you can see I do iron. I love the smell of freshly iron clothes. Besides I think they look nicer.

The white mirror with key holders was purchased at Target. We keep the gym and pool keys there. I also have my collection of aprons and my favorite dust mitt on the hooks.

The "laundry" wall decal was purchased at Etsy. I also keep a sewing kit, household tools, and upholstery cleaner in the laundry room. Since everything is in clear view I know if I need to replenish supplies.

The curtains were purchased from Country Curtains. Their curtains are very well made. I still have a pair from 8 years ago.

My First Order from

I decided to stock up on some laundry items, such as Biz Stain Fighter, Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar,Woolite's Dry Cleaning Cloths, Washer Magic Washer Cleaner & Deodorizer,Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner and TECH Baby Stain Remover.

I also purchased some Breezy Spring Sugar Free Cookies Raisin & Oats and Halls Sugar Free Cough Drops for the hubby.

My order arrived right on time, as stated and I didn't have to carry all this stuff home. Oh, and I love the FREE shipping! This definitely won't be my last order.

Law & Order Thanksgiving Marathon on TNT

Lenny and Ed ~ Law and Order

It wouldn't be a holiday if there wasn't a Law & Order marathon on TNT.

Make Foolproof Gravy | Real Simple

Make Foolproof Gravy | Real Simple

Here's some gravy making tips for those of us who could use some help.

The History of Thanksgiving at The History Channel

Don't you just love The History Channel? Well, we do in our house. I also love the website because you can watch video clips on various subjects, including Thanksgiving.

Stop by the website in between basting the turkey, for an entertaining history lesson. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessfest 2010 at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Las Vegas

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley is holding it’s 3rd annual Thanksgiving Outreach for the homeless community and for those who are in need. We will be serving a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, providing backpacks filled with essential items, an opportunity to call loved ones and other services such as haircuts, showers, clothing, legal services, medical/first aid, dental services and more. For those with children, various kid’s activities will also be available.

When: Thursday, November 25, 2010

Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Bus Pickup: 7:30 am - Noon

•Pick up in front of Salvation Army at 31 W. Owens
•Shade Tree on the corner of Main Street and Owens
•Baker Park on St. Louis, west of Maryland Pkwy

Call 702-362-9000 for more details

Y&R Fans - Toni's Spoiler Website

Since Toni lives in Canada, is a fan of Young and the Restless and post details of each episode. A bonus is that it's tomorrow's episode!

Stop by Toni's Spoiler Site.

Eddie Bauer: Basic Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

Eddie Bauer: Basic Long-Sleeve Turtleneck

Temps are in the mid 40's and I only have one long sleeve shirt. When I found out that Eddie Bauer had their women's tall turtlenecks on sale for $11.99 I ran it by the hubby.

He said "Go ahead and order one." I really like their turtlenecks since they are fitted and because they offer talls sleeves and bottom give me the right coverage.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Did You Watch Last Week's Episode of The Good Wife?

It will be interesting to see if Peter takes the job offer and drop out of the race.

Keep up by watching the full online episodes at CBS or Fancast.

Tide Laundry Detergent is the Best!

When I was growing up my mother was a Tide laundry detergent fan! It cleaned our dirty clothes and left them with a great smell.

After I got married I started buying the bargain laundry detergents. They didn't clean that well but they're affordable.

So, on Thursday Marcus said we were out of laundry detergent I informed him to splurge and purchase a large bottle of Tide. I went with my gut.

When your kids are hugging and thanking you for buying a different laundry detergent you know you made the right choice! The whites are so much cleaner. It even got out old stains from our comforter.

I guess I'm now a dedicated Tide fan...I'll just have to remember to stock up when it's on sale.

Menu Plan Monday - November 22, 2010

A view of our living space and patio

Since our teens are vacationing in Salt Lake City Charles and I have been enjoying our couple time. Of course we miss them but it's been nice having some quiet and no teen drama for several days.

We've been taking long walks, enjoying the cooler weather, reading the Sunday newspaper at our breakfast out, watching movies and renewing our relationship.

The kids are really having fun. They went sledding, had a couple of snowball fights, and seen some of the tourist sites. Marcus says it's just beautiful there. He's learned how to light a fire in the fireplace. And enjoys the snow and fresh air.

Before we know it they'll be back on Saturday!

Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad

Tri Tip, Roasted Potatoes, Cobb Salad

Minestrone Soup and Whole Wheat Rolls

Pepper Turkey Breast Sandwiches with all the fixings

Turkey Breast, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy or Dinner Out

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Chicken Salad Panini recipe

Chicken Salad Panini recipe

Substitute turkey for chicken and you'll have a diabetic approved sandwich that everyone will enjoy!

Explore our Menu | Starbucks Coffee Company

Explore our Menu | Starbucks Coffee Company

I didn't know that Starbuck's offered oatmeal. And you can get it with different toppings. Yum.

Breakfast at IHOP - Couple Time

Charles asked me if I would like to have breakfast at IHOP on Sunday. It's been a very long time since we had a breakfast out together. So this morning we got up, dressed warmly and took a bus to enjoy a meal together.

When we arrived we found no wait and were promptly seated. Alicia was our friendly waitress. We started off with a hot pot of coffee and dug into our menus.

I decided to have the Simple and Fit Spinach, Mushroom and Tomato Omelet with egg substitute and bowl of fruit. Charles decided to have 2 eggs over easy, whole wheat toast and turkey bacon.

We also took the time to buy a Sunday newspaper to read while enjoying our food.

What a nice way to enjoy the morning with my hubby.

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