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Showing posts from November 28, 2010

Adam Sandler original Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song

Happy Chanukah!

TSA Needs Transportation Security Officers Around the USA

TSA Needs Transportation Security Officers Around the USA

It's a long, detailed application process to become a TSA Airport Security Officers. Minimum age is 18 years old. You need a clean background. And yes they do a credit check.

Check Out Today's Work at Home Job Listing at Rat Race Rebellion

I noticed a few writer, blogger, customer service rep, and an at home news transcriber position. Click here to view.

Good luck with your job search!

TV evangelist: I'm being extorted over affair (

TV evangelist: I'm being extorted over affair (

I just saw the Lambs on Good Morning America this morning talking about the extoration, the affair and their marriage.

Your Guide to Starting a Snow Removal Business

Your Guide to Starting a Snow Removal Business

While living in Southern Maine, many years ago, my brother and one of his friends would do snow removal during the terrible snow storms. They would make over $100 a day.

Marcus, Kiana and Her Dad

Kiana and her dad

Kiana looks very pretty with her hair styled.

Marcus on the cell phone. Probably talking with Charles and I.

The Teens Are Leaving For Salt Lake City for Christmas

Looks like we'll be empty nesters again. Marcus and Kiana are heading back to Salt Lake City for Christmas in a week.

Charles and I are also sad to annouce that Marcus is considering moving there. He's decided he doesn't have a future in Las Vegas. When he got back he found out that Big 5 Sporting Goods fired him.

He informed us that Kiana's dad is putting in a good word for him at Costco.

Charles and I are very sad but we're proud of the man that we see before us.

Angel Food Ministries December Online Ordering

The December menu items are still available. You'll also find the December Christmas box available till December 8.

Please check you local host site for more details.

Kiana and Marcus Are Back!

They arrived around 2 am this morning. It's good to have them back.

Holiday Mugs for the Teens - Target

Since Charles was working today I decided to head out to do some light shopping at Target.

Look what I found for only $3.39 each! Kiana and Marcus will love drinking hot cocoa out of these when they get home.

A Photo of My Thanksgiving Dinner Plated

I made everything from scratch! Mashed potatoes were made with low fat sour cream, butter, salt, pepper and 2% reduced fat milk. The stuffing was made from day old bread, sage, thyme and sodium reduced chicken broth. The gravy was made with the roast drippings, flour and seasonings.

Charles loved it. And I'll be happy to make Thanksgiving dinner next year.