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Showing posts from December 12, 2010

Of Course I Love Pie! Pillsbury Facebook

I received my I Love Pie tshirt courtesy of Pillsbury Fanbook page yesterday, in the mail!

The Church of Southern Las Vegas Gives Back!

The Store at The Church of Southern Las Vegas is giving away food, clothing, toys and necessities this Saturday, December 18, starting at 11 am, to those in need.

Pastor Benny recommends getting there early to get secure your place in line.

Letters to Santa: A Sign of The Economic Times

Here's a news story that will truly touch your heart.

Letters to Santa: A Sign of The Economic Times

Prescription Refill Emergency!

Between the drug withdraws and the cold weather I was having great difficulty doing my job. I decided to get my Meloxicam, muscle relaxer, refilled today.

I couldn't wait so the hubby is picking it up. Thanks babe.

Short Hair Care Tips | No More Bad Hair Days: Great Hairstyles Every Day | Real Simple

Short Hair Care Tips | No More Bad Hair Days: Great Hairstyles Every Day | Real Simple

Why not start the New Year with a different hairstyle?

Click on the above link to some cute hairstyles courtesy of Real Simple.

My Newest Hairstyle Courtesy of "T"

I so love my new hair style! I had "T" add some hair for a cute bang. She also colored, styled and did a little trim!

What do you think?

Volunteering for Overtime - Work at Home

Arthur and DJ will be keeping me company at work!

Since Marcus and Kiana will be gone for 2 weeks I'll be working Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Enter My $30 IHOP Gift Card Blog Giveaway!

Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a $30 IHOP gift card at this post.

Blog followers get an extra chance to win! Just let me know!

On The Road Again! Kiana and Marcus Went to Salt Lake City

Kiana and Marcus went to Salt Lake City, Utah yesterday for Christmas. They're visiting Kiana's dad and family for a couple of weeks.

I must have gotten 4 big hugs out of Marcus!

It's a Pepper Honey! How Does Our Garden Grow?

Charles needed something to keep the tomato plant growing tall so he found an old curtain rod.

Looks like the yellow pepper is finally sprouting!

Salt Lake City Utah Thanksgiving Photos

Marcus downloaded his photos from Kiana and his Thanksgiving vacation.

We Are Family

Marcus,our teen, Me, Sock Monkey and Charles, hubby

Kiana, our teen, Me, Sock Monkey and Charles, hubby

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!

Kiana, Me, Sock Monkey, Charles and Marcus wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday Service at The Church at South Las Vegas

Today's sermon focused on the importance of fathers in children's lives. Pastor Benny started with providing some sombering statistics.

40% of kids are in a household with no father

1/3 of the birth certificates do not have a father listed

32% of fatherless kids live in lower standard of living

I love hearing Marcus sharing a me and my dad story. He's 18 years old but gets a twinkle in his eyes when he talks about the times Charles and him spent together.

It's also enlightening to watch and listen to Kiana react with Charles. She turns to him for help with her homework and support.

Dads are our heroes!