Friday, June 24, 2011

19 Ideas to Steal for Your Apartment at Better Homes and Gardens

I don't see many decorating articles geared to those of us who rent  or live in military housing.  So, when I saw this article on Better Homes and Gardens Facebook page I had to read it!

One of my favorite ideas is using pretty scarves to decorate those ugly ceiling lights.  We have one in our dining area so that's got me thinking I need to head to the nearest thrift shop and go on a hunt!

I also love the use of colorful storage bins, baskets and boxes.  I have great luck at our local Big Lots but you maybe able to scoop some up at garage sales and thrift shops.

And if you're short on seating check out this no-sew project.  All you need is some foam cushions, fabric and a hot glue gun!

Here's to seeing more articles and TV shows geared to renters and those living in military housing!

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