Saturday, June 04, 2011

Enjoying Early Edition : DVD Recommendation

I was just getting into Early Edition on The Hallmark Channel then we got rid of our cable!  Why is that cancelled tv shows have more appeal to us? 

Plot courtesy of Wikipedia!
The show dealt with the life of Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler), a Chicago man (initially a stock broker, later the owner of McGinty's bar) who mysteriously received newspapers (specifically, the Chicago Sun-Times) a day ahead of time, effectively giving him knowledge of the potential future. His newspaper apparently gets delivered by a ginger tabby cat, no matter where he goes, every morning, except on some special occasions. He would then try to prevent tragedies described in "tomorrow's" Sun-Times from occurring, whereby story text and headlines in the newspaper change to reflect the outcome of his actions.

Often, Gary does not wish to be saddled with the responsibility of performing these deeds. The paper effectively presents him with many Hobson's choices: He must choose between helping someone in need, or not

I love Netflix!

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Rona's Home Page said...

I'm still enjoying the series on my days off.

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