Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, I Do Attend Meetings and Training As a Work At Home Employee - Webinars

The most common question I'm asked as a work at home employee is "How do you attend meetings and training as a work at home agent"?

My response...Webinars! 

Webinars give individuals and corporations the ability to connect remotely via their personal computers.  Many of my meetings, events and training session will sometimes require web cam.  Usually this is for smaller groups.  I find this to be fun to meet and see my co-workers and supervisors.  I must add that you'll probably won't want to show up with bed hair.

Webinars also offer instant chat capability so that you can interact with each other while listening to the speaker.  Many times we can even talk to our speaker and class through our USB headsets or microphone feature, on our laptop.  Other times, we may be required to call into a toll free phone number as well as logging onto the meeting link.

One of my favorites is the desktop sharing.  If you're having trouble accessing an application, your speaker can take control of your computer, with your permission and assist you.  Or if you're doing a practice exercise it allows the group to view your work. 

Web conferencing



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