Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Blogger: Treasure From Darkness ~ Cynthia Lott Vogel

I'm so proud to have my first guest blogger began with Treasure From Darkness ~ Cynthia Lott Vogel!   Cynthia was first introduce to me at Blog Frog.  When I read her blog posts I visualize a woman who's faith is constant as she deals with mental illness, chronic pain and her marriage.

So,I have asked Cynthia to share the things she has learned over the years.  
This will be a 3-part series.  Today, we start with Suffering.  

Please stop by Treasure From Darkness for comfort and inspiration.
Things I've learned from Suffering:

1)That God is STILL good...all the time.
2)That I'm not the only one suffering-when you are in pain, people begin to reveal their own pain to you...It is humbling and eye-opening.  In fact people will be eager to tell you about their suffering.
3)That, in the moments of the most intense suffering, God is closest, if you know where to look for him.
4)God is only as close as you allow him to be..
5)Bitterness and a closed heart will only increase your hopelessness, anger, and aloneness.
6)That helping others who suffer will take your mind off of your own pain.
7)That NOBODY likes a whiner-this is a particularly hard lesson to learn.
8)That when all you talk about is your illness, people's ears begin to close as you approach. (I've learned this the hard way.
9)Here's a biggie: That everyone’s pain is, to them, the worst pain in the world...and you shouldn't disparage that pain.  They just may not have had the experience of intense pain that you have...but why does that make you any better for having known it?  God gives to each person what they are able to endure.  So to them, their pain is the most they can handle.
That having pain and disability will give you humility if you allow it.
@2011 by Cynthia Lott-Vogel  All rights reserved.


Caryn said...

"1)That God is STILL good...all the time.

Amen, thank you ladies Your stories will touch lives. God is using you. Bless you.

Cynthia said...

Thanks Caryn...and thank you for your role in pointing me to Rona in order to have this opportunity.

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Thank you Cynthia for sharing this series at BerryMorins Bits & Tips.

Cynthia said...

it was my pleasure and honor...thank you for asking me. :)

I am considering expanding the points in these three posts into a 31 day devotional book...I'm praying about that now....

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