Thursday, July 28, 2011

Guest Blogger: Treasures from Darkness~ Cynthia Lott-Vogel Tips in Marriage for the Spouse

This is Series 3 of Things I've Learned in Suffering from my guest blogger, Treasures from Darkness.  Today's topic is focused on the Spouse of the Chronic Pain Sufferer. 

Let's remember that when we're in pain they're also being affected.  So, I believe that they will find this information very helpful.

I've found Cynthia's experience can provide faith, inspiration and hope to all of us. 

I hope you have enjoyed this series.  I definitely have.  Please feel free to stop by Treasures from Darkness to read her synopsis. 

Thank you Cynthia for your time and generosity.

For the Spouse:

 It was your choice to marry your spouse...try to hang on to the reasons you were drawn to them initially

 Remember your vows at ALL times. And remember that firstly, you are answerable to God for your vows.

 Understand that, no matter how miserable you are; your spouse is suffering worse. Try to bear that in mind.

 Your spouse is likely doing the best they can do...try not to hold unrealistic expectations.

 Be glad for and enjoy every moment that is GOOD.

 Look for ways to be helpful....when you have the time and strength, look for something special you can do to make them smile.

 Try to be patient when they are in extreme pain and may not be the most cheerful person to be around.

 Remember that they will act in response to how you treat them. Catch flies with honey!

 Try to get them out of the house, or out of their room as often as they are able...everyone needs a change of scenery.

 Remember that, when you come home from work tired and frustrated, this is the only time when your spouse sees you....and may be their only opportunity for conversation or help all day. Try to be patient. But be honest in communicating your needs to them. It's easy for them to only see their needs.

 Remember (in a similar vein) you may be your spouse's whole world...Don't make their world a living hell worse than it already is.

@ 2011 by Cynthia Lott-Vogel   All rights reserved.


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Thanks again for being a guest blogger.

Cynthia said...

You're welcome...It's been my pleasure to share your blogspace with you...thanks again for the opportunity. :)

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