Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love My Model Model Carmen Wig! Luxurious Beauty Boutique

Model Model Carmen Wig $24.99 TB1B/30

After viewing the YouTube reviews on this wig I knew I had to purchase one for myself!  You're going to need a paddle brush and a wide tooth comb to style this baby to bring out those gorgeous feathers and blend the curls. 

My husband says he loves the feel of this wig.  It is a synthetic but it's much softer then my more expensive ones.  Oh, and I need to mention that it's a full cap wig.  You'll find combs at the center front and back for security.  There are adjustable straps at the back, if you want to use those.

I'll try to remember to have my hubby take some side and back photos of this one so you can see those views.  I just love it!


Grandma Becky said...

Wig looks nice on you, Rona! You look marvelous! I think you should wear it often! :0)

Full lace wigs said...
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