Sunday, July 24, 2011

Two Headaches in One Week?! Time For A Change!

Marcus' high school graduation cake topper
Charles had to go to work so my son was my nurse yesterday while I was suffering from another severe migraine this week. 

When I broke down crying he came into my bedroom to comfort me.  I shared with him how overwhelmed I felt.  He always gets nervous when he sees me crying due to me being committed to a mental institution, after a suicide attempt last year.

Marcus isn't a fan of all the medications that I'm now taking.  It seems I've been adding a new medication to the regiment ever few months.

He's also seen me change pain management medications many times in the 11 years.  And then have to go through withdraws from the former meds and suffering from the side effects from the new meds with me.

He reminded me that I should start looking into alternative medicine to help me cope with my severe chronic pain.

I know Marcus is right.  I used to have a chiropractor, massage therapist, chronic pain therapist and acupuncturist when we lived in San Diego. And along with the medications I was taking less pain management medications.

Now that I live in Las Vegas I've been hesitant due the poor medical care environment here.  (scams, reusing needles, not licensed practitioners in the local news)

I should stop putting up walls and just call my health insurance provider for referrals on Monday.


Nicole said...

There has to be a better way.

Rita said...

Remember to try an Excedrin and a xanax together. You can ask your doctor if it's ok. I've been doing that for years whenever I see spots or have numbness in my face. My aunt said that is what they did in the nursing home years ago for migraines. I then stay in a dark room resting for a few hours and keep everything low key for a day or so. Sometimes my head hurts but it does avoid the vomiting and that is a God send. If you don't feel free to do that know that I'm praying for you and your health.
Best Wishes.

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