Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aliante Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas: Couple Time

Charles, my husband, and I decided to take a ride Saturday night and found ourselves at Aliante Casino & Hotel. We decided to park and take a walk inside. If you've never been it's an amazing and beautiful place located in North Las Vegas.

The first thing I noticed is that the casino didn't smell like an ashtray! The facility was open in 2008 and has a terrific air filtration system. 

Inside you'll find the usual slots, bingo and card games inside but what I loved the newness of the facility. 

We came upon the Regal Cinemas Movie Theater and were sticker shocked to see that adult tickets were $18.50 each!  So we kept walking.

We enjoyed people watching and decided to stop at and watch some sports at the sports book.  Dallas Cowboys was playing and my hubby had to see how his team was doing. 

I saw a few couples there but noticed many of the ladies doing something else like reading a book or knitting. LOL 

Charles and I thought about having stopping at The Original Pancake House but it closed at 4pm.  I guess not all restaurants in a casino are open 24 hours!

Aliante Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas
By the way, the Bingo room is smoke-free!  That definitely appeals to us so we'll have to try our hand a playing a few cards on our next visit. 

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