Friday, August 19, 2011

Back to School Traditions With The Bacon Eating Kid

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life topic for this week is Back To School Traditions!

Two back-to-school traditions that we had for Marcus once he reach Junior High School was to purchase him a new pre-paid cell phone from Target.  He got to pick the brand and style that he wanted.  We would than donate his cell phone to a domestic violence group.

When we started home schooling we gave Marcus a clothing budget that he could spend at his favorite stores.  He loves online shopping and usually purchased clothes from Old Navy.  He was thrilled to do his own shopping, learned how to stretch a dollar and look for promotions, like free shipping or buy one, get one free!

Now that he's 19 years old these lessons are seen in his own spending.

ps  Please post your questions at this post for Marcus' monthly guest vlog that starts next monh!


Abramyan Avenue said...

I love the idea of recycling the old phones to such a deserving group!! And what a wonderful way to teach Marcus on stretching the dollar. My girls just automatically assume if they want something I come up with the money to get it. When I ask them where they expect me to get the money from their faces go blank. My oldest now has two guinea pigs and she knows if she is to buy them bedding and food she has to earn the money to pay for it. It has definitely taught her the value of a dollar!!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Nikki CookinDiva Smith said...

I dont have any kids but i have learned the power of the dollar now that I am out of The money doesnt grow on trees like i thought..:)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the idea of donating the phone! I bet he did a great job shopping.

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