Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charles' Advice for Job Seekers Dealing With Long Term Unemployment

My husband, Charles, recently ended his 2nd layoff in a year last month.  He now works as a city bus driver!

Me: Did you find work during your unemployment?
Charles:  Yes, I actually found a part time job working at Uhaul, as a customer service rep.  I was responsible for getting the trucks and vans ready for the pick up, walking customers through the inspection and cleaning the vehicles when dropped off.
I also worked for Centurylink as a customer service and sales rep at home.  That job definitely paid more than Uhaul. I also had the opportunity to earn bonus money and working at home meant no commute. 

Me:  Why did you decide to apply for a city bus driver position?
Charles:  I realized I wasn't getting any where with applying for administrative support or management positions so I took a look at my current skill set and knew I had change the direction of my job search.  I have a great driving record, was comfortable driving and parking large trucks with trailers and since I use the bus transit I was able to speak with bus drivers about their job!

Me:  Was it scary decision to go towards the unknown?
Charles:  Yes! When I was hired as a city bus driver I was scared!  I had no idea what I got myself into and that can be very intimating! 

Me:  How did you stay motivated in your job search for a full time job?
Charles:  Well, my prime motivator was money.  So whether it was picking up extra hours at Uhaul, working for Centurylink or helping a person with their move I did it for the money.  I needed to be providing for my family.

Me:  How did your long employment affect your relationships with your wife and son?
Charles:  They prompted me to get out of my comfort zone!  Thanks honey and Marcus!

Me:  How did you deal with depression?
Charles:  I did have some moments of depression but I chose to ignore it.  I kept my faith and knew that my unemployment would end soon!  I have to say working  definitely helped!

Me:  What job search resources did you utilize to find your part time and full time jobs ?
Charles:  Networking, networking, networking!  Take the time to talk with people, present your positive side and try to be dressed neatly.  You never know where a conversation is going to lead you!  Just hang in there!

Me:  Thank you Charles! 
Charles:  You're welcome!


Alison said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a lot of great posts! Thanks!

Brighton Deering said...

I agree with Charles, the networking sincerely helps. I just helped a former co-worker this week providing him with contact information for former co-workers we had bacak in the 90's. Had an interview scheduled in a couple of hours. Interview yesterday and hired. Starts on Monday!
Stay encouraged and don't be embarrassed that you are unemployed.
Call people, if you want them to find out if they know of job openings, etc. He reminded me how easy it is for people to ignore an email and so I encouraged him to pick-up the telephone and call once I gave him POC information.
Congratulations Charles. Sounds like you crossed a gray area and felt like you were taking a risk. But, you did it!

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