Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Considering Virtual School for Your Kids?

Marcus graduated from a distance learning high school in 2010.  We found that it worked well in our mobile lives.  He also liked the flexibility.  It gave him time to volunteer and work.  I originally posted this in August 2006 but updated it.

Virtual schools provide the lesson plans, books and support via the Internet and phone. In many states, there are virtual schools associated with the school district. You pay no tuition and books are provided. Some programs will provide a computer, at no cost. There are virtual schools that have a Christian base too. Some even offer on site classes and tutoring.

For many kids and parents, this is a good fit. You'll have a lot of support, the program does all the required state filings and more.

Here's a few to take a closer look at. Also check in your state and city for options.

Connections Academy - public school at home

The Jubilee Academy - Christian Homeschooling Program

Allied High School

K12Online Public School

Red Oak Academy - K-12 Distance Learning

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