Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do You Treat Yourself to a Professional Pedicures Or Manicures?

I was a bit surprised with the reaction of followers of Cindy Rushton comments at her FaceBook page that she was going to treat herself to a pedicure!

Commenter:  How can you stand to have someone mess with your feet? I would be hurting someone if they had their hands on my feet. Shudder. I hate being restricted or confined. I tend to lash out. hmmm could be why hubby has never asked if I wanted a pedicure or manicure. He's protecting people from me.

I didn't know that some people felt that strongly about not having a pedicure.  

I love having pedicures because I like wearing sandals, my feet feel so good afterwards and it's nice to get some pampering.  

Do you enjoy having a professional pedicure or manicure? 

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Brighton Deering said...

Rona, I actually do enjoy a pedicure. Feet feel so nice and smooth and look so neat and clean afterwards.
I can not stand artificial nails. Had an acrylic nail put on decades ago and still to this day recall the feeling of anxiety, as I thought I was going to come out of my skin the way they were working the one nail. Only had one sample nail done and hated it!
Manicures are nice, but alas when you do a lot with your hands they just don't last.

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