Monday, August 15, 2011

I Finally Went Shopping at Our Local Thrift Store !

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I've been wanting a true summer tote bag for years so when I saw this one for $3 I bought it!

I love the handles and the straw pattern on this handbag!

The inside fabric and the straw definitely make this bag a winner!

I found these cargo shorts for $3!
I want to thank the many bloggers, YouTube videos and Workplace Like Home for your inspiration!  I'm definitely going to go back to look for more summer wear.  Since it's still hot in Las Vegas for a few more months!


Kelly L said...

I love thrift store finds! Wish I could get my girls into it - I would save so much more money.. My husband likes to shop on Ebay for pre-owned Tommy Bahama shirts and work clothes - it's crazy the deals he gets - and when he's done - I resell on Ebay and get our money back and on occasion made more than what we paid...
Love to you
I've Become My Mother
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Candy said...

I love the tote bag. It's a great summer staple!

Brighton Deering said...

Nice finds Rona!
I recently wrote a personal note to my 30 something year old niece on it's not "saving" it is about how you "spend" that matters.
One of the top lessons I wanted to get across to her was buy used or from a seller where an item is new with tag, etc.
Get over the aversion to having to have "new" or the shopping in the nice store experience.
People have no issues staying in hotels and using the same linens, bath items and furniture that hundreds of others have also used. Think about IT and get over IT.
I bet you felt totally pumped finding such stylish items for dollars. Congrats.

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