Monday, August 08, 2011

I Would Like to Share My Birdhouse Collection !

An anniversary gift from Crate and Barrell

Marcus made this birdhouse when he was a Tiger Cub.

I purchased this birdhouse from an Etsy store.

I love all of the details.

Do you see the wreath and the small birdhouse?

Marcus made this one in summer camp when he was little. 

I purchased these many years ago from an online store.  Can't remember which one.


Brighton Deering said...

I'll have to photograph mine and share. I only have a few. I didn't think anyone else enjoyed the charm of these cute little novelty houses.

celine sanderson said...

This bird house looks so good, I'd even live in it! Is it weird that sometimes I wish I was super small like a bird, and I could go hang out with them in these bird houses? Where did you get this one? I'm thinking of getting another one for my yard. Celine |

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