Monday, August 29, 2011

LD Products Inkjet Cartridges: Product Recommendation

My work area in the home office.
We didn't receive any free products from LD Products.  I just wanted to share our experience with this company.

After a bad customer service experience with a local Cartridge World where we purchased a refill that only lasted a couple of weeks we decided to go back to ordering our inkjet cartridge at LD Products

First I have to say they have very fast delivery.  I placed my order on Thursday and received our order by Wednesday via snail mail!

The prices aren't bad, a Lexmark X7170Re-manufactured High Capacity inkjet cartridge is $20.99 each plus shipping.  If you buy 3 or more you save .99 cents on each one.

I also trust this company.  We've never received a low filled cartridge.  Customer services responds to our complaints and replaced cartridges that couldn't be read by our printer.  Don't forget, these are re-manufactured cartridges.

As a work at home employee I'm always in search of affordable work tools that provide great quality.  Please feel free to share your inkjet cartridge recommendations.

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