Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Questions for Marcus - Monthly Guest Vlogger Starting in September

I've posted Marcus' video!  Check it out!

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Our 19 year old son, Marcus, will be guest vlogging starting next month about a teen's prospective on current events, dating, religion, the economy and his family.

While volunteering at the recreation center he was offered a full time position in his senior high school year.  Marcus is a program assistant at a local recreation center where he counsels kids from 5 to 17.

He's been home schooled since 8th grade in San Diego and Las Vegas. Marcus graduated from
Odyssey Charter High School distance learning program in 2010.

Marcus plays several musical instruments and sports. He still plays guitar and works out daily.

Marcus has been volunteering since he was 3 years when his family participated in a San Diego Beach CHe was chosen as Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year - Clairemont Mesa of San Diego in 2007.  As a member of Teen Korps he was part of a group of teen volunteers oral presentation,  in which Starbucks decided to be a sponsor for the of San Diego Build-A-Bike Assembly program. 
If you have a question that you would like for Marcus to ask please feel free to post it here.  He'll review the questions and maybe your question will be answered next month!


Nicole said...

Hi Marcus!

I have an almost 15 year old son who we started homeschooling last year. He is a 9th grader this year. He says he wants to go back to high school next year, but only to hang out with his friends. I don't believe that going back to school would be best for him. What would you say to him about this based on your experience?


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

Thank you Nicole for the question. I look forward to giving you answer very soon.

Grandma Becky said...

I homeschooled both my daughter and son. She'd been through 5th grade in public school and never went again,for various reasons. My son never attended public school. They both got their GEDs and their work ethic is great. Kids can have their peers around even if they are home schooling, I don't see anything wrong with that. I know that school is important and there is a reason Nichol is asking that question. It's not easy home schooling but in hindsight, I'm glad we did it! Marcus, what do you like about home schooling and do you think you missed out on life without being in a public school? What did you like about being homeschooled?

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Do you feel that electronics like texting and computers take away the ability to communicate directly with teens? What is your advice for communicating with teens about God, responsibility and committing to working hard in school? (I'm a new step mom so I would love to hear your answers!) By the way, I've heard so many wonderful things about you, Marcus. Looking forward to hearing your answers!

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