Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Suicide is Painful ! Praise and Coffee

Rona Comments at Praise and Coffee in May 2010.

After my suicidal attempt in April and being committed I now know how serious my depression really is.
I also know that the triggers that lead me towards this decision and my lack of faith overwhelmed me.
I now am working hard to regain the trust I once had from our teenage son and my husband.
But most importantly myself. Because I never thought I was capable of making the decision to end my life.

It sadden me when I read the Russell Armstrong, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spouse, committed suicide.  When one makes that decision it's truly selfish.  We think people will be better without us.  Boy, are we wrong!

If you are contemplating suicide please seek help immediately.  If you know someone who's saying they're going to kill themselves please get them help immediately. 

Also, read Suicide is Painful.  It's a powerful blog post.  And I hope that it will bring you some hope.


Brighton Deering said...

Hugs and heartfelt love for my dear old friend. Thanks for trusting enough to share your story.

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you for sharing your heart, I know God will touch lives through your testimony!!

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