Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Have to Purchase a Washer...Soon!

When I informed the apartment manager that the agitator, in our washer, was dying she let me know that I needed to be careful with it.  Apparently, the apartment complex has no money to purchase replacement parts or new washers.   I informed her that I wasn't going to set in our apartment without one...we would rent one.  She said that they would make an adjustment to our monthly rent.

After Charles made some phone calls today we realized that renting was out of the's just too expensive, we would purchase a used one from Craigslist!

Our must haves are top loading, large tub, energy saving, and affordable.  Charles researched some possibilities and it looks like we can get one for under $200

So, next Saturday, he and Marcus will rent a pick up truck to pick one up.  They'll stop by Home Depot to purchase new hoses and than come home to set it up! 


Nikki CookinDiva Smith said...

Great idea, I am just glad for you that you have a washer in your apartment . Our is in a landuary room, that keeps taking my money. And I dont have a car to go to the landuary mate. So I have to ask my sister and by the time she come I am washing for a month worth of Cant wait to get an house. :)

Brighton Deering said...

Check and see if you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore location in your area. There are a couple in this area, plus a couple other similar non-profit organizations that take donations of new and used appliances and building materials.
They can have amazingly low prices for appliances that are in good condition or barely used (under $100 normally).
Las Vegas might be like the DC area in that there are a lot of people with too much disposable income. They buy a new house, condo, etc. and decide to get rid of the appliances and purchase the latest and greatest.
Also, post "Wanted" on craigslist and ask if anyone can donate for free.
I have given away a refirgerator and a TV that were still operational free on craigslist and would do it again. Nice to know that the item is going to someone that really needs and wants it.

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