Saturday, October 29, 2011

Debutting Our New Digital Camera from Office Depot!

I took a chance and went to Office Depot to see what bargains I could find to replace our died 4 yr old 8 megapixels digital camera. 

I was not disappointed with this 16 megapixels Kodak easyshare camera.  I also purched the support kit and 2 year replacement warranty.

Total $140.  I love the crisp and vibrant colors!

I want to kudos to the staff!  They provided me pros and cons that left me feeling confident with my choice.

Marcus plans on using this camera for his videos.  I think that will give us a quick turnover since my husband has decided to take the netbook to work.  and that's where Marcus had recorded his videos!

We thrilled to have a camera back in the BerryMorin household.

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