Sunday, October 02, 2011

It's Supper Time: Deep Fried Southern Fried Chicken

I find draining on a rack keeps the chicken crispy and less greasy!

Chicken is perfectly tip for frying thighs is 16 to 18 mins
I grew up eating Southern Fried Chicken thanks to my mother.  I learned from her and made it many times while growing up.

But when I got married I wasn't making it often due to our diet.  And I forgot many of the tricks till I watched an episode of the Cook's Country on Create TV

So last night, I was feeling up to making a batch and let's face it chicken is so inexpensive these days! 

The chicken turned out moist and juicy inside and crispy outside. 

Here's some of my other tricks:  

I use a plastic bag with seasoned flour to coat my chicken.  I also tap off excess before placing it into the pan.
I like to use vegetable oil. 
When seasoning, make sure to use salt and pepper on your chicken.  If you can, let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.
When cooking thighs cut along the bone on both sides.  This will give you through cooking!

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