Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kelly's Korner Marcus & Me - Mom of One Bio Child

Our baby looking for relief from teething
Marcus has been our one and only  bio kid for 18 years.  Kiana came to lived with us from 2010 to 2011.  We truly loved having her here.  And we still consider her one of us!
Marcus and Kiana

My hat goes off to those who have more then one.  It's definitely hard work!

My husband and I are so proud of Marcus.  We gave him a life surrounded with culture, music, community service, great mentors and frequent moves. He gave us insight throughout the years.  He's always been our motivation and inspiration.  He's our blessing.
Marcus throughout the years!

I wanted to share with moms of young child some of my mothering experience over the years.  Your children grow up, chose their own journeys and make mistakes.  There's lots of laughs and many tears along the way.  They may not going in the direction that you might have chosen for them but you support and love them 100%!
Marcus and Toby

Now that Marcus is 19 years and planning his exit from the family home we will miss him so much.  But he knows whenever he needs us he can call on us and we will be there so fast.  Because he's always going to be our "Little One".
Marcus and I hanging out

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