Monday, October 31, 2011

The Status of My Work Desk Is All Clear! October 2011

I finally cleared the clutter and re-organized my work desk.  As you can see I do like to include humor and personal items to keep me motivated throughout the day!

There's Arthur and D.W. from Marcus' 7th year birthday cake.  A Rubik cube and Slinky to amuse myself during long periods of silence.  Marcus gave me his hand one Mother's Day!  Love it!

And I love keeping lots of family photos, postcards, buttons and notes on my cork-board, on the wall.

And I have my smiling troll that lights up at night.  It's fun to have flashing toys and candles lite when I'm working late.   

Scrapbook is full of my favorite things.  Dry eraser boards are from Pottery Barn!  Love them!
Sometimes my husband and son will add a photo to my collection!  They're always my motivation for working this job!

And when it seems like it's getting to me I have a reminder...Relax to get me back to center!

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