Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Violence 2011 at Walmart and Target

Unbelievable! Was what I thought when I heard about the lady that peppered sprayed fellow shoppers, at the electronic department of Walmart, because she didn't want to miss out on a discounted Xbox 360 game console. (here's more

about Black Friday Violence 2011)

Marcus and I have witness non-holiday violence at a local Walmart. An elderly customer's card wasn't accepting the transaction. The cashier was explaining the process to the customer when the 2nd person in line obviously said something negative when a fight broke out.

That's when we saw the elderly customer take his cane and start hitting the woman in the head. She then took her walker and started shoving the man.

While all of this is going on people are video taping, taking camera phone pictures and talking on the phone!

Finally, security showed up! What a Sunday afternoon!


sharon said...

This is so sad but such a sign of our times! Have a blessed day!

Grandma Becky said...

oh dear. I did hear about someone getting upset because she couldn't get the $2 waffle iron that was at Walmart. Who cares! I went to Costco Friday afternoon after eating lunch with my mom at the nursing home. Quite a few shoppers but I got a few things on my list without the hassle. They always have some times a few dollars off through the weekend of Thanksgiving that helps out. Bought some footed sleepers for my grandchildren, slippers for daughter and me and some towels for daughter in love. Oh a couple things of food as well! Take care and have a good weekend.....Black Friday indeed not my style of shopping!

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