Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I Would Like to Share My Response Regarding "Are Anti-Depressants Good or Evil"?

This is my response to an article written at Blog Her.  The writer states the increase of commercials regarding the use of anti-depressants are creating a false result of 100% relief for common depression.   

I've been diagnoised with Major Depression Disorder with Psychosis and Stress Anxiety after I attempted suicide and was committed to a mental institution last spring. For more than 10 years I wasn't getting REM sleep, living with several severe chronic pain issues and trying counseling and biblical counseling to cope with mood. I now know that the medications that I'm on now continue to save my life. I also know that after a year I've had to have my dosage change because my depression likes to creep up on me like an ocean and drag me down with an anchor tied around my waist! The hardest part about taking anti-depressant is that one is a test tube. There have been numerous medication that didn't work for me. And I continued to suffer. Once I was committed the doctors put me on a combination of anti-depressants I was finally able to sleep...for 13 hours. I cried.

I also understand there's no cookie cutter method for dealing with depression and not everyone suffers from the degree that I have. But, after hearing about Richard Armstrong's suicide, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I also say that people should seek help so that they can get the help they need!

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Bewildered Bug said...

It's an interesting argument because each different brand of antidepressant reacts so differently and then they all react differently with different people.

For me it just made me numb. I felt no sadness but no happiness...nothing. I became desperate for some sort of feeling. So I came off of it.

I do know others who swear by them though and they work really well for them!

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