Friday, November 18, 2011

Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner: Older Mom Bloggers

Yes, I do consider myself an older mom blogger! I'll be 50 years old in January 2012. Marcus is 19 years old and talking about leaving the nest. And my husband, Charles and I are planning our future as empty-nesters.

This year, I've been re-discovering "Me" after many happy years of dedicating myself to parenting our son.

My husband has announced that he's courting me all over again. Sometimes he treats me to a bouquet of flowers, lunch out and recently a new coat!

This is a great time in our lives!


pendy said...

Here from Kelly's...just had to say that I can identify! People with small children lament that they are growing up. My husband and I say that the empty nest is the world's best-kept secret! We love spending time with our adult children but like it when it's just the two of us, too. I think when you've done your child-rearing and your children are happy, it's a great stage of life.

Kimberly said...

Hi, found you from kelly's korner. Thats great you and your husband are discovering each other again. I still have a 16 year old at home and one 21 year old in college.

Carrie B said...

Yay! I am an empty nester and have to say...I'm getting used to it and enjoying it too!

I'm going to 'mention' to the Hubs this 'courting again' idea. :)

p.s. my word verification word was, exciting. fitting, eh? :)

sharon said...

Popping in from Kelly's Korner. Enjoy your time with your husband! An empty nest is wonderful! I had "me Time" for a few years after the kids left and then came the grandbabies. Now it is all about them! Stop by my blog when you have time!

MaryBe said...

No way do you look like you're turning 50! PS - 50 is pretty awesome. Empty nest=not so awesome. I'm still adjusting to it!
Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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