Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bistro Tuscon Grille - Couple Time

Have you eaten at the Brio Tuscan Grille

My husband and I decided we would have a healthy lunch but wanted to try a different restaurant, at the Town Square.

That's when we saw the Brio Tuscan Grille and noticed people eating outside in a beautiful patio setting.

We decided to give it a try! Since the wait for the patio was long we chose inside seating. The hostess seated us with a few minutes. The inside of the restaurant transforms you to Tuscany. They even have Italian music playing in the restrooms.

Our waiter was very pleasant and greeted us promptly. Since the hubby was driving he had an iced tea. I decided to try a Martini ! Between the waiter and my husband they walked me through the selection process. Now, I know next time to order a Tall Vodka Martini with Vermouth and Olives. (they're olives are stuffed with blue cheese ~ delicious)

After our drinks were delivered, along with warm bread and butter, we decided on the Eggplant Pomodoro Panini with Wild Rice Orzo Salad and Penne Gorgonzola.

We really liked that there wasn't a rush to present our entrees. It gave us an opportunity to do some people watching, soak in our surroundings, decompress and just talk.

When our meals were placed the waiter asked my husband if he would like some Parmesan cheese. The waiter began shaving the cheese over his dish. Don't you love those little extras when you're dining out?

My husband surprised me with asking for a bite of my Eggplant Panini. He's always stated that he's not fond of Eggplant! After his first bite he renounced his hate for Eggplant!

Our dishes were amazing. You could truly taste the layers of spices and ingredients. This should always be the level of service and food when dining out.

Lunch and drinks ran around $30 plus tip. We'll definitely be returning.

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