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Detroit 1-8-7 Season - Full Online Episodes

Charles and I were NYPD Blue fans! It was terrific tv series. But it was missed when it came to an end.

Detroit 1-8-7, on ABC, is another ensemble cast police drama is also produced by some of the NYPD Blue producers. Fans will recognize James McDaniel from NYPD Blue, he's now Sgt. Jesse Longford.

The show's executive producer, David Zabel stated, "This is a crime show but we will explore various nooks and crannies in the communities and within that context there's a lot of opportunity to see what's positive in the city and see what's heroic about the people fighting for what’s best for the city of Detroit." courtesy of Wikipedia.

I appreciate that the writers allow the viewer to care about the characters and the stories.

Detroit 1-8-7 is available at ABC, Hulu

How to Appeal If You Are Denied Unemployment Benefits

Marcus' graduation cake topper available at Etsy

How to Appeal If You Are Denied Unemployment Benefits

You've been unemployed, filed for your benefits and now you've received a denial letter! You can get through this!

I know of a case where an employee quit, her case was denied but she had her documentation that showed that the employer had lied about the compensation. During the appeal she presented her documents and her case was approved!

When Was Your Last One Night Stand With Your Spouse? Poll - Marriage

Our renewal ceremony scrapbook and cake topper from Etsy.

Spending the holidays with Charles, my husband, was great. The four weeks with the kids was fun and relaxing.

Sometimes just sitting in bed, watching tv and drinking coffee was the most romantic moment since it was just us in the apartment. Marriage has a poll question about When was Your Last One Night Stand?Whether it's a weekend at a bed and breakfast or a week without your kids it's all good for you and your spouse.

Rat Race Rebellion - Today's Job Listing

Rat Race Rebellion's Today's Job Listing provides work at home and telecommuting job leads.

It's one of my favorite job lead sites. Also, this is the site that I found my current work at home job!

Check out these screened opportunites!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Homemade Organic Pesticide Recipes - Our Patio Garden

We've been having problems with aphids so the hubby did some online research!

Charles found some terrific homemade organic pesticide recipes this weekend at Buzzle. And yes it worked!

Here's the one that we went with:

This is the most simple method to prepare a homemade organic pesticide. Take a bucket and fill it with one gallon of water. Add 3 tsps of dish washing soap. Pour this in a bottle and spray over the leaves and branches of the trees for at least 2-3 weeks. This is a wonderful fertilizer for vegetables, flowers and fruits affected with aphids.

Back From The Dentist - The Alexander Dental Group

I received great news, at my dental appointment, I had no cavities or gum disease. Bad news...I'm grinding the heck out of my teeth and will need a night guard.

It seems thats one of the side effects of depression and stress are developing teeth grinding!

Thank goodness for dental insurance and my flexible health savings card! I wouldn't be able to afford it without them.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're Having Pork Chops Tonight - America's Test Kitchen

After catching an episode of America's Test Kitchen I thought would be nice to give one of their Pork Chop recipes a try.

While watching the video I wrote down a few helpful tips:

To keep your pork chops from curly on the side cut 2 slots in the fat side.

Dry your pork chops before salting then leave them for 45 mins at room temp.

Start them in the oven at 275 degrees, pull them at 121-125 degrees then finish in them frying pan.

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