Saturday, February 05, 2011

Food Pantries Struggle to Keep Up with Demand

Food Pantries Struggle to Keep Up with Demand

Food pantries are seeing working people and families seeking food assistance. This is causing a strain on food pantries to keep their shelves full.

Food4Less Weekly Ads - February 2 to 8

Looks like Boneless Beef Flap Meat is on sale at $2.97 a pound. Also, Fresh Chicken Breast at 99 cents a pound.

View this week's Food4Less weekly ad for North Las Vegas!

Happy Birthday Wishes from Smart & Final Cashier ~ Do You Think I Shop There Enough

Last night, after work, Charles and I stopped by our local Smart & Final for some milk and eggs. While walking the aisles one of the staff wished me a Belated Happy Birthday.

Now that's really knowing your customers!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Mail Order Prescriptions - Mandatory Requirement

Express Scripts, prescription plan, requires that I enroll in their mail order prescription plan or be penalized with a much higher co-pay at my local pharmacy.

For example, one medication, for 90 days supply, $18. At local pharmacy, it would be $20 for 30 day supply.

Do you think the prescription plans will eventually eat away at the local pharmacies business? Will we see less pharmacies?

This Week on Young & the Restless - Me Time

It appears Cane has died from a gun shot. Poor Lily. Or is he actually alive?

Young & the Restless episodes are available at Fancast and CBS. You can also read a day ahead at Toni's Spoilers.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

On Being In An Interracial Relationship ~ Chocolate Covered Daydreams

Here's my family ~ From left to right Kiana, Me, Charles, Sock Monkey and Marcus

I enjoyed reading On Being In An Interracial Relationship.

Yes, there are people who aren't going to like your relationship. That comes with the territory.

There are areas of the country that it will be easier to live as an interracial couple. We found San Diego very diverse and made it our home for 14 years.

Many of our friends had blended families like ours. One of the couples, the wife was Japanese, spoke fluent Spanish but not a word of Japanese. The husband was mid-western from a long line of farmers. They had a wonderful family and were great fun to be at one of their dinners.

In our home, you'll hear my Maine accent as I call everyone to dinner. My husband, who's Mexican Hispanic doesn't speak Spanish. While Marcus has no problems placing an order at the local Mexican market. Kiana, Italian background, rounds out our family.

Most important I'm proud of my family and thank the Heavenly Father everyday!

Baby, It's Cold Outside! A Great Day for Biscuits!

Homemade biscuits waiting to go into the oven!

Can you believe we dealing with 26 degree temp and wind?! So I decided to get up early and make some biscuits for the kids. They taste so good and felt great in my cold hands.

Today's Job Listing at Rat Race Rebellion

Are you looking for a work at home or telecommuting legitmate job? Check out Rat Race Rebellion's Today's Job Listing.

And while you're there click on the Work at Home Jobs Links. That's how I found my current full time work at home job with benefits.

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Weekly Specials

The Mixed Grill Packs are back! You get hamburgers, sausages and chicken parts.

From February 2 to 8 they're only $5.99! View more items on sale at the weekly special flyer.

Phil Says It's Going to Be An Early Spring! Happy Groundhog Day!

If you havent heard Phil saw his shadow today. So, it's going to be an early spring!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sirius Satellite Radio 30 Day Free Trial - Service Recommendation

Did you know that most new purchases referrals are from word of mouth? And these days many of us discover new products and services from blogs and social networking.

That's how I decided to try SIRIUS Satellite Radio's 30 Day Free Trial. A fellow Facebook friend mentioned how much she enjoys her SIRIUS subscription, $12.95 a month. So, I thought I would give it a try.

My favorite channels are CNN Headline News, Martha Stewart Radio and NPR Radio. We're listening online but if you want to listen in the car or in the home there are products that you can purchase.

Charles and the kids love the variety of music channels.

ps Thank you Shantel for the recommendation!

Help Move a Neighbor ~ Receive a New TV

Marcus and Kiana helped a neighbor pack and move her furniture. She not only paid them she gave them a TV!

It's an older TV but it's free! We're deciding on whether to purchase a digital converter of subscriping to cable again.

As Our Garden Grows - Preparing for Spring

Charles spent some time, this weekend, on our patio, cleaning out the dead plants. We're planning on buying some flowers, herbs and tier potting systems for the spring.

As you can see Dave, the African Jasmine plant, on the ground, is doing well.

A Few Changes to Our Master Bedroom and Bathroom

I had a couple days off due to no Internet connection so I decided to some changes to our bedroom and bathroom.

Just changing some pictures and wall hangings made the wall over our bed look more complete.

For our bathroom I found a couple of pictures in storage boxes to hang.

Ofcourse I'll probably be making another change in a few months.

My Birthday Cake Courtesy of Kiana and Marcus

Marcus and Kiana surprised me with a sugar free chocolate bundt cake with sugar free vanilla icing on Saturday.

It was a terrific birthday gift!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Buys and Finds at Big Lots!

The hubby and I love going to Big Lots! Yesterday we actually found brand name cereals at 50% savings! We had to stock up on those.

Did you know that you can purchase bread there too? I found a loaf of Oroweat Dark Rye for $1.50.

How to Watch TV on the Internet at Simple Mom

The Good Wife full episodes are available at CBS, Hulu and Fancast!

Simple Mom shares some of her favorite ways to watch TV programs on the Internet, in this post.

Here's some of our family favorites:




Law & Order Season 3 DVD - Netflix

Charles and I spent some of Sunday evening watching Law & Order Season 3.

This is the season that Jerry Orbach debuted as Lennie Briscoe ~ our family favorite character!

So, despite the fact my pain level was high, I enjoyed a pleasant distraction with my hubby.

Kiana's Earrings ~ I Love Swagbucks!

Daisy, Deal Fanatic, gets the credit for turning me onto Swagbucks!

It so easy to use and rack up thos points. Just use Swagbucks as a search engine and see if you win points.

I decided to redeem some for a pair of earrings for Kiana. Looks like she likes them!

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