Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring is Coming to Las Vegas!

Temps are getting back to normal in Las Vegas! It's time to put away the coats and hats! Spring is coming!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Realizing The Source of One's Stress - Work

One of my favorite nail polish OPI colors!

First it was grinding my teeth at all hours. Then the mouth sores and the hair loss. Do you think my mind and body is trying to tell me something?

I've finally come to terms that I MUST find a full time job that offers more money per hour and opportunity for pay raises. My husband still hasn't secured a living wage job and now we're looking at a $200 rent increase.

So, I made an appointment with Nevada Vocational Rehabilitation this week.

After orientation, I was then assigned to a Vocational Rehab Counselor. I'll be asking for assistance in securing a full time brick and mortar position or working for National Telecommuting Institute.

I have to say I'm feeling much better these days. I'm even looking forward to interviewing again!

Kelly's Korner - Show Us Your Family

My husband, Charles and I returning from a day of shopping! We met in 1987 at Friendly's Restaurant in Portland, Maine. After 3 dates I knew he was the guy I would be marrying. We were married in 1996, in San Diego and now make our home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marcus recently turned 19 years old. He's named after my husband's favorite football player, Marcus Allen. He's currently laid off from his recreation center program assistant position. Kiana came to live with us last summer after her mother abandoned her. She's a true blessing in our household. She's the daughter Charles and I prayed for. She's graduating from Odyssey Charter High School this June.

After a car accident in 2000 and a work related injury in 2003 I still wanted to work. With my husband's encouragement and my vocational rehab settlement check I set up a home office. Since 2004, I've been working at home. Currently, I work for a national telecommunications company in tech support.

We decided to sit together for a family photo last December. From left to right, Kiana, me, Charles, Sock Monkey and Marcus!

Call Center Customer Service Rep-Phone/Cable Co Job in Las Vegas 89031, Nevada US

Call Center Customer Service Rep-Phone/Cable Co Job in Las Vegas 89031, Nevada US

Here's a great Call Center Customer Service Rep position in Las Vegas. If you have customer service, data entry and experience in the telecommunications industry you'll make a fantastic fit!

Oh, the pay range is $12.00-$14.50 per hour!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

MTV Networks | Internships, Jobs and Careers

MTV Networks | Internships, Jobs and Careers

I love these type of work at home jobs that do not require a quiet background and no phone!

This is a Site Monitor position that requires monitoring. reporting and taking appropriate action as needed for inappropriate content and behavior.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Inspirational Bible Verse for the Weary

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”
(Isaiah 40:29, NIV)

I read this verse, on the daily Joel and Victoria Olsteen newsletter and knew the Heavenly Father was reaching out to me.

Young and the Restless - Dad is Mad!

Victor is going down without a fight! He's even willing to partner with Adam to save his company.

I'm keeping up by watching episodes online.

Family and Medical Leave Act - Protecting Your Job

Required monthly doctor visits, therapy sessions and sick days can endanger your job conformance.

My supervisor advised me when I hit my one year anniversary that I should have my doctor complete the required paperwork so that my time off would be protected.

Please keep in mind there are restrictions so read up on the FMLA and contact your Human Resource department for details.

Monday, February 28, 2011

IHOP National Pancake Day - March 1, 2011

IHOP National Pancake Day - March 1, 2011

In honor of National Pancake Day I'm planning on making the family my homemade pancakes! I'll also be making a small donation to Boys and Girls Club of America.

I'm In The Reading Mood Again ~ Any Suggestions?

I'm looking for a good book to sink my teeth into. Any suggestions?

We're Toast People Again!

Charles surprised us with a new toaster last week! I cannot believe how much we missed having one!

The kids and I celebrated by making some whole wheat toast! We love you Big Daddy!

It's Computer Tune Up Time - Rescue It Century Link

Unlike those working in a brick and mortar, having IT staff updating and maintaining your work computer you have to do that.

Once a year I like to have a tune up done on our computers. Unfortunately, I forgot to have it done last year.

I recently noticed that the Internet speed had slowed down while at work. So I decided to give Century Link Rescue It a call. They offer hardware and software installation, home networking,troubleshooting, repair, new computer set up and PC tune ups for an affordable monthly rate. You can also purchase service as needed for less then Geek Squad.

Just think of it as spring cleaning for your computer!

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