Friday, March 18, 2011

Fibromyalgia, Depression, Stress Anxiety and Working

I'm glad that I talked with my supervisor about my fibromyalgia, depression and stress. That's when he recommended that I file for FMLA, Family Medical Leave Act. Now, when I have a pain flareup, migraine or severe depression I email the scheduler the hours I'll be out and have them submitted to FMLA. This act protects my job.

I did have to have my pain management doctor complete the FMLA form. He had to explain my chronic illness, how it affects me and approximately how many days I would be out a month.

Once it was approved the human resource department sent me a copy of the approval and the guidelines.

I have to say it's definitely helped elevate some of the daily stress I've been feeling.

WebMD has a terrific article on the subject.

How to Watch TV Without Paying for Cable

Downton Abbey on PBS.

How to Watch TV Without Paying for Cable

Our favorite ways to watch TV are Hulu, Fancast, Netflix, YouTube and the various network websites.

I still miss watching the original Law & Order reruns on TNT. But not enough to reconnect cable service!

How to Avoid Work From Home Scams

Red Rock Park in Las Vegas

How to Avoid Work From Home Scams

I still hear stories of people falling for work at home scams these days. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Here's my recommended websites:

Rat Race Rebellion

Workplace Like Home

Pay a $5 ATM Fee Coming Soon! Yahoo Finance

Chase Bank, for example, is testing out $5 fees for non-customers. That means if you stumble upon a Chase on your way to dinner and decide to take out 20 bucks, you'll pay a 25 % fee. And that doesn't even include what your own bank charges you for going out of network, which is typically around $3.

JP Morgan Chase is currently testing the $5 ATM fee in Illinois and a $4 ATM fee in Texas -- both for non-customers who use its ATMs -- to see if they bring in enough revenue to introduce nationwide, according to sources familiar with the tests. A Chase spokesman declined to comment.

Click here to read the whole article.

Kim and Eric

Hunger in America hits many salary ranges. In this story, you'll see a family that went from $300,000 to $30,000.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Look What I Won From Sally's Beauty Supply!

I love entering blog and Facebook giveaways and was thrilled to discover that I won
I Skin Resurfacing Stick and Eye Treat Anti Age !

And just in time because I was thinking of purchasing a scrub for my tired face.

After a several applications I find that I love both products. And when I checked out the items on Sally's Beauty Supply website I was pleasant surprised to find them at affordable prices! $9.99 for the eye treatment and $16.99 for the Resurfacing Stick

We've Been Busy Bees!

It's been crazy at our house! Everyone is very busy

Kiana starts soccer practice soon so she's been working out and getting her soccer equipment together.

Marcus, Kiana and Charles have been really sick. I think it's sinus season! Ugh!

Charles has been working on getting his home office space ready, including getting a second dedicated phone line, getting a new computer and having his drug testing.

And I've been interviewing for a new work at home job, finishing an online course for work and working out again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do You Remember Ryan's Hope This St. Patrick's Day!

I remember watching this soap, as a teenager. I quickly fell in love with the Ryan family ~ Frank, Mary, Pat, Maeve, Johnny and of course, Delia.

Do you remember the St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Ryan's Bar? And who didn't find themselves crying while Maeve sang Danny Boy?

It was disappointing when ABC announce they were cancelling it in 1989.

I actually got excited when SoapNet ran it for a few years and I was able to enjoy watching some of my favorite episodes again.

My husband and I even stayed up,one night, watching a Ryan's Hope marathon. Who knew my hubby was a fan?

Enjoy this St. Patrick's Day at Ryan's Bar.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday is Laundry Day!

Did you know that there was a time when women would dedicate a day to a housekeeping task? Well, in my house Monday is definite Laundry Day, as well as my day off!

My New Eyeglasses Courtesy of Desert Vision & Eye Glass

I finally picked up my new eyeglasses from Desert Vision & Eye Care last week.

Thanks to VSP I only had an out of pocket expense of $25!

Prayers to Those in Japan Affected From the Earthquake and Tsunami

Everyday there's horrible news video from the affect areas of Japan.

Our thoughts and prayers go out those in Japan as well as their family and friends.

Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher - Real Simple

Little counter space, small dish rack and lots of dishes to wash and air dry one's dishwasher is a blessing.

Other uses for your dishwasher can be found here, at Real Simple.

Menu Plan Monday ~ March 14, 2011

Charles and I spent a lovely Sunday starting with a late morning sleep, a nice brunch and off to Big Lots for some window shopping!

It was a beautiful day for a walk with the temps in low 80's and a cool breeze. Oh, how I love spending time with my hubby!

Now onto this week's menu! Thank you to Organizing Junkie for hosting this weekly linky party.

Guilt-Free Beef Stroganoff, Mixed Veggies

Joe's Red Devil Chicken, Oven Baked Potatoes

Roasted Cod with Potatoes

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, Mixed Greens Salad

Chicken Stir Fry, Brown Rice

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