Saturday, April 02, 2011

Things I Learned Thursday ~ Chocolate Covered Dreams

Along with Chocolate Covered Dreams I'm posting Things I Learned Thursday a little late too.

1. Having my hair cut off has given me a sense of freedom! It's much less expensive to maintain a short, natural haircut. And with the hot Las Vegas temps coming my scalp will be cooler!

2. We miss Kiana since she has moved out. All of us wish her the best with her future.

3. Marcus has been called back to work at the recreation center for Spring Break! He's got that spark in his eyes again!

4. Walking and holding hands with my husband is the best! We enjoyed an evening stroll to Dairy Queen where he treated me to a chocolate milkshake.

2010 IHOP Commercial: Kids Eat Free

Your little ones can eat free at IHOP, during the month of April. Visit IHOP for more details.

Friday, April 01, 2011

A Before and After View - My First Wig

Before: I was on my way to see "T". She cut off all the uneven ends and clipped my hair to a very short afro. She pointed out the areas of baldness and hair thinning to me while reassuring me.

Her plan is to allow my scalp to heal, no coloring for 4 months, occasional hair trims and maintenance. She also provided me with hair products, that I can purchase at Sally's Beauty Supply, that are designed for natural hair.

"T" provided me lots of tips on wig care and maintenance. She's also offered to customize a wig for. I just need to purchase the box of hair. She'll provide the wig cap and styling.

Let Me Introduce You to the Latest Me

Hubby took a couple of photos of me with my new wig. It's a very different style for me but I thought I would go for something different. In the meantime, my hair stylist "T" is making a Michelle Obama bob inspired wig for me!

Thursday, March 31, 2011 – turning job searching and job posting into a totally new experience. Try Real-Time Job Matching – turning job searching and job posting into a totally new experience. Try Real-Time Job Matching

Here's a work at home reservations agent in Santa Maria, California, that pays $11 a hour!

Rat Race Rebellion - Work at Home, Telecommuting and Freebies

Man, do I need some coffee!

Check out Rat Race Rebellion's latest work at home, telecommuting jobs and freebies.

A Warm Welcome to Northern California...

A Warm Welcome to Northern California...

Maple syrup is my favorite topping for french toast, waffles and pancakes! Great news! Fresh & Easy is now selling Vermont maple syrup.

ps look for a dozen eggs on sale for 99 cents

Sharon's Murder Trial Has Started - Young and the Restless

Neil walking Lily down the aisle.

Sharon's murder trial has started. So, do you think Adam and Phyllis will find the truth in time?

Keep up with Young and the Restless at CBS, on your schedule.

We Miss You Kiana

It's a sad day in our household. Kiana went home today. I cannot express how much my heart aches today. I feel like someone has taken my child from me.

I'll miss you KiKi.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrifty Decorating: How to paint a room.....

Thrifty Decorating: How to paint a room.....: "{Painting How-to's} Many times I am able to completely paint a room in about a day.....people often ask me how I do it, so here a..."

You may find this helpful if painting your walls is on your Spring Cleaning to do list this year.

WAH Adventures: Parliament Tutors- Tutor Students From Home

WAH Adventures: Parliament Tutors- Tutor Students From Home: "Parliament Tutors is committed to helping students meet their academic and career goals. - Parliament Tutors is a ..."

Check out this work at home tutor position.

Kiana's 18th Birthday Cake Topper

I love Kiana's 18th birthday cake topper!

Thank you again Lynn's Little Creations for an amazing job!

Do you think Kiana will like it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bobby's Baked Tilapia - Tonight's Dinner

Bobby's Baked Tilapia Recipe by Paula Deen

* Butter cooking spray
* 4 (6 to 8-ounce) tilapia fillets
* Salt and freshly cracked black pepper
* 1 lime, finely grated zest and juice
* 2 tablespoons butter

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Coat a large cast iron pan with a nonstick butter spray.

Rinse fish and pat dry; place on the prepared baking sheet. Season each fillet with salt, cracked pepper, lime zest and lime juice. Add fish to the pan. Place a pat of butter on each fillet and cook in the oven for 8 to 12 minutes.

Charles is adding brown rice and mixed vegetable to complete this meal.

Why It's OK To Use Cheap Computer Monitors

Why It's OK To Use Cheap Computer Monitors

When maintaining or setting up your home office there's many inexpensive choices for your computer equipment.

WAH Adventures: Field Agent- Put Your iPhone to Work!

Home Office Space in an Apartment

WAH Adventures: Field Agent- Put Your iPhone to Work!: " Work from home? Work from anywhere...Accept and complete simple tasks (like taking a photo) directly from your iPhone and get paid. It..."

Check out this work from home opportunity.

Monday is Cleaning and Organizing Day

I love my Mondays. And I really love cleaning and organizing the apartment.

I found these little facial scrubbies on a few months ago. They are great for a quick face wash, in between your morning and evening ritual. Kiana got hooked on them so I purchased some for her too.

A couple of years ago, I purchased some beautiful curtains from Country Curtains. When we moved to our latest apartment I found them too small for the bedroom windows so I put them away in the linen closet. But this morning I felt like adding some color to our laundry room. I think it really warms up the space!

I love to switch up the wall gallery. Here's the latest change. Kiana's birthday is next month and her present is a Lynn's Little Creations cake topper.

I can't wait to see her face when she sees it!

I decided to move this memo board to our little hallway. I think it's time to change out these photos.

Adopt a Rescue Pet Needs Your Donations Today!

Marcus and Toby saying goodbye

Adopt a Rescue Pet needs to raise $70,000 or they will be closing the doors. And unfortunately animals will be euthinazied!

We've been big supporters of shelter dogs since my Dad brought home Dino. And as recently when we adopted Toby from a local shelter, a couple of years ago. Then they were there when we had to surrender Toby, so that he could have his surgery and another family would provide him a home.

If you can make a donation, click here. Ever little bit will help them get closer to their goal.

Big Lots Finds This Week

Kiana and Marcus headed to Big Lots last week to stock up on toiletries. They purchased all of this for under $20!

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