Saturday, June 04, 2011

EllaEm's Soul Food Restaurant - Couple Time

Last month my adorable husband treated me to a leisurely dinner at EllaEm's Soul Food Restaurant in North Las Vegas.

The restaurant is very close to our home so we walked there. 

I love that the food is made from scratch and orders aren't prepared till they're placed.  It gives you plenty of time to unwind, talk and just enjoy yourselves.   This version of soul food isn't to be eaten very often and is consider a treat.

The establishment doesn't serve liqour but we're aren't drinkers. I love the decor, red, black and white colors and a large photo of Ella Rey Gray, the inspiration. 

Our waitress was cute, bubbly and attentive!   She's a perfect fit for this family owned business. 

There's so many delicious choices on the menu. Charles decided on the Country Fried Steak, Red Beans and Rice, Fried Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy.  I ordered the Fried Catfish Fillets, Collard Greens, Mac n Cheese, and Black-Eyed Beans! 

We ordered iced tea with lemon, to start.  A little later our waitress presented us with 2 corn muffins with butter.  I love that they weren't too sweet.  As Goldilocks would have said, "They're just right"!   They're small but you'll find that youself savoring every bite!

When the food arrived we took a moment to just take it all in.  I remember him taking my hand while we said a silent prayer. 

We're that couple who eats off each other's plate!  And everything was amazing! 

We've been very good so why not have a dessert to wrap up our meal? Charles ordered us 2 cups of coffee and a Peach Cobbler with two spoons. 

On our way home I think we a longer route home to enjoy the cool night breeze!

Enjoying Early Edition : DVD Recommendation

I was just getting into Early Edition on The Hallmark Channel then we got rid of our cable!  Why is that cancelled tv shows have more appeal to us? 

Plot courtesy of Wikipedia!
The show dealt with the life of Gary Hobson (Kyle Chandler), a Chicago man (initially a stock broker, later the owner of McGinty's bar) who mysteriously received newspapers (specifically, the Chicago Sun-Times) a day ahead of time, effectively giving him knowledge of the potential future. His newspaper apparently gets delivered by a ginger tabby cat, no matter where he goes, every morning, except on some special occasions. He would then try to prevent tragedies described in "tomorrow's" Sun-Times from occurring, whereby story text and headlines in the newspaper change to reflect the outcome of his actions.

Often, Gary does not wish to be saddled with the responsibility of performing these deeds. The paper effectively presents him with many Hobson's choices: He must choose between helping someone in need, or not

I love Netflix!

Big Daddy Has Completed His Customer Service/Sales Training

Charles has completed his training for his work at home Century Link Customer Service/Sales job!  Marcus and I are very proud of him! 
My hubby

What A Great Looking Couple! Michelle and Barak

This couple just look so good together!

Friday, June 03, 2011

I'm Starting a New Medication This Weekend - Savella

I mentioned to my pain management doctor that I have been experiencing an increase of arm and hand spasms and sharp deep throbbing pain.  My stress and anxiety have been overwhelming.

My doctor wants to start me on a month's trial of Savella.  Currently I'm only taking an anti-depressant, sleep aid, muscle relaxers and pain meds. 

I looked it up and it appears it addresses your serotonins... mood and anxiety for those suffering from Fibromyaligia.

As with any new treatment I'm scared as well as hoping that it works.  It's no fun putting your body through the side effects if it isn't going to work!

Scrapbooking Weekend! Who's Joining Me?

I'm looking forward to mini scrapbook this weekend!  Who else is planning on scrapbooking this weekend?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Add Alittle Light to The Subject - Home Office

New lamp for my home office work desk.  Available at Walmart!
 I really needed a lamp for my desk so when Marcus spotted this one at Walmart the only decision I needed to make was the shade color!

Applebee's 2 for $20 - Couple Time

My husband knows how much I love flowers!  And for dinner out, he took me to Applebee's.  We decided to give the 2 for $20 a try.  The Mozzerella Sticks were delicious!  Crunchy and Cheese!  Just the way we like them. 

We were disappointed with my Cajun Shrimp Pasta.  There was no flavor but lots of heat.  Charles chose the Oriental Chicken Salad.  He wasn't up to sharing much and he finished every bite.  When I received my taste I realized he definitely made the better choice. 
We love Applebee's but not the 2 for $20.
A Just Because gift for me!

Congratulations Jaynie at Verbarrhea! Winner of The Happy Birthday $25 Schwans Gift Card!

Let's give a huge shout out to Jaynie, Verbarrhea!  She's the winner of the $25 Schwans Gift Card! 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Praise and Coffee Nights

Praise and Coffee Nights

I discovered Praise and Coffee blog around 3 years ago. Quickly, I discovered Sue had this way of creating a warm, friendly and supportive environment where Christian women could comment on sensitive subjects.

Taking a Sick Day ! Law & Order Is Keeping Me Company!

My nerve pain was pretty bad today so I took a sick day.  Thank goodness for Law & Order episodes on TNT!

Monday, May 30, 2011

This Memorial Day We Want to Thank Members of the Armed Forces and Their Families!

Thank you to those who are currently and have served in the armed forces and their families for their unselfish service this Memorial Day!

Marcus and I would like to give a special shout out to Charles, my father, father-in-law and uncles for their service!

Lighting Storm is Approaching! Unplug Your Electronics and Phones!

My husband says when I hear lighting I'm like a rabbit because I start running from room to room unplugging our electronics and phones!

Between my childhood memory of our tv set getting fried, the property gate getting zapped and waiting for almost 2 months for the replacement component, working for San Diego Gas & Electric and now Century Link and hearing the upset customers, you can bet that's my first concern!

I suggest that you review your home or rental insurance policies and inside wire maintenance plans to verify if your equipment is covered for lighting strikes. Some companies do not cover for that type of incident!

Consider investing in a Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with built in surge protector. Here's where the more you spend the better protected.

An External Hard Drive Back-Up should be part of all work at home, telecommuters and home business equipment list.

So, with summer storms approaching please unplug your electronics and phones! You can read more about why you should protect your equipment lighting and electric surges here!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Calling All Law & Order Fans! Memorial Day Marathon on TNT

There's a Memorial Day Law & Order marathon tomorrow on TNT!

We love you Lenny!

Deadline Is Approaching - Happy Birthday BerryMorins $25 Schwans Gift Card

Deadline approaching for a chance to win a $25 Schwans gift card! Just click here to get the details to enter!

jumping tandem: Sunday

jumping tandem: Sunday: "Say a quiet yes to God and he'll be there in no time. ~James 4:8, The Message"

Our Go To Chicken Recipe: Joe's Red Devil Chicken

I still remember watching Martha Stewart and Joe, the firefighter preparing this recipe years ago. Besides, enjoying watching Martha flirting with Joe, the recipe sounded delicious.

Marcus and I decided to head out to buy a cast iron frying pan, the ingredients and a couple of large whole chickens.

Along side the chicken and potatoes I served a large mixed green salad and cold drinks.

I still having that cast iron frying pan! And I have this recipe bookmarked as a summertime family favorite!

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