Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teens Face Tough Summer Job Market

Marcus volunteering at the San Diego Union Tribune Kid Race
Teens Face Tough Summer Job Market

It's another difficult summer job market for teens.

You may want to consider other alternatives such as volunteering, job shadowing and freelance work like mowing lawns.

A Nice Way to Put Your Wedding Gown to Good Use! Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation

Would you like to put your wedding gown, veil, accessories and jewelry to good use?

How about donating them to Brides Against Breast Cancer?  This organization takes all the donated bridal gowns and items and puts on large selling events through out the United States.

The funds are then put to good use assisting men and women who are losing their battle with cancer with wishes.

I love her gown and bouquet!
The donation process is very easy, I just printed the application, filled it out, boxed my gown for shipping, ship it and in a few weeks received tax receipt via email.
They do ask that you pay for the's $40.

Coping with the Loss of Intimacy in Your Marriage - Depression

First of all, I'm not going to be getting graphic on the subject. Let's just say it's just not my style. 

I cannot even talk about the topic openly with my therapist. And I'm paying her by the hour!  But as a depression sufferer the loss of intimacy has never been an issue for me. 

Usually, after starting a new medication I might be a little tired but I usually bounce back to my old self in a few days or a week. 

Things are different with the Savella.  Let's just say that the faucet is completely off.  I cannot even work up the effort to hug or kiss my husband in fear he's going to want more. 

So, here I am actually feeling stress free in over 11 years.  My rashes are finally starting to clear up.  I'm not grinding my teeth during the day.  And I may need to stop taking my medication because it's causing problems in my marriage.  Ugh!

Well, that all I'm able to share on that topic!

ps  I did find a terrific link about the man's take on the woman's loss of libido.  Let's just say it was a huge eye opener to me.  I hope it's helpful to others.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Love Her Wedding Dress! Niecy Nash Got Married

Neicy Nash of Reno 911, recently said I Do. 
Niecy Nash and Jay
I really love her dress!  I wish her and her husband the very best future!

Keeping Our Kids Reading During the Summer!

When Marcus was younger I would sign him up for the Summer Reading Program at our local public library.  He loved the chance to win prizes but I loved that he was continuing to read. 

Kids, in the North Las Vegas area can sign up for the Summer Reading Club at the North Las Vegas Library or the Alexander Library.  The program runs from June 9 to July 31, 2011. Work at Home Moms has links to other summer reading programs including the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading program.  After your kids read 6 books take their reading list to your local Barnes & Noble store to receive a free book!  Parents can enter to win a Nook e-reader!

And don't forget, you can also create your own Summer Reading Program!

Young & the Restless Fans Mark Your Calendars: June 10

I've actually been taking a break from watching Young & the Restless for awhile but when I saw the Facebook promo I decided my break has come to an end!

Looks like the truth comes out about Cain and his family starting on June 10, Friday!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Chronic Severe Pain Sucks! Coping with Physical Loss and Disability

I ordered this workbook from a few weeks ago.  Even someone like me who's been suffering from severe chronic pain needs a refresher on coping. 

What I didn't realize is how deep the questions would affect me.  While responding to Who are you?  I actually started crying. 

There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel like a pin cushion.  Today, I feel like I have tons of needles stuck in me. 

Pain sucks!

Closet Redo : Just Add It to My To Do List

A beautiful organized closet courtesy of Real Simple
Wouldn't you love to come home to this?  I really need to redo Charles and I's closet.

Loving Me Some Law & Order Criminal Intent This Morning! USA Network

After my morning walk I grabbed a cup of coffee, turned on the TV to get my dose of Law & Order: Criminal Intent on USA Network.

What a nice way to start the morning!

Wordless Wednesday - June 7, 2010

I love to scrapbook!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Work at Home Employees In Need of A Landline - Century Link Phone Service

If you're planning on working at home, for a call center, you'll most likely need a landline phone number.  It's must have of most work at home call centers. 

If you live in the Century Link service area and use the referral code E310436418 you will get an extra $10 off the current promotional price for 6 months!

Second Day Taking Savella - New Fibro Medication

I really didn't expect such an immediate change after taking the first dosage of Savella .  I took 12.5 mgs on Friday night.  When I woke up I noticed I was experiencing the usual stress disorders...tingling in the mouth, racing thoughts, involuntary hand and finger shakes.  The throbbing, aching pain seems to be dulled.  I did suffer a slight headache which cleared up by afternoon. 

As with many of my pain and depression medications I must drink lots of water and various fruits daily.  But shouldn't that just be part of everyone regiment?

My All-Time Favorite Kitchen Decorative Item - Mary Engelbreit Tiles

Mary Engelbreit tiles
Even though I purchased these Mary Engelbreit tiles, more than 10 years ago at Ross they have remained my all time favorite kitchen decorative item.

I usually have them hung over the sink or kitchen window but in this apartment I like them on here!

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