Saturday, July 02, 2011

Wigs 101: Monofilament

Wigs that have monofilament give you the look of a skin part.  Higher priced wigs will offer monofilaments that allow you to have a right side or left side part. 

For more details check out for their online videos. 

Another Great Find at TJ Maxx: Fashionable Rubber Gloves $3.49

They make it more fun cleaning the toilet!

Our First Harvest:: Collard Greens

This is from Charles', my husband's  fall planting of 2 collard green plants.  They continue to grow in this hot Las Vegas heat.

After I cleaned, separated the stems and julienne them the greens were stir fried.  I then added them to a Tomato, Mozzarella Pasta Salad with Pesto Sauce, from Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Grocery store.  This bowl was going to be shared with Charles but he ate it all. 

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Weekly Specials

I stopped by our local Fresh & Easy Neighborhood grocery store yesterday to take advantage of the Mixed Grill packs, for $6.99 each. 

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Grocery Store
They're open on July 4th.  Stop by their website for store hours and  more weekly specials.  

It Started With the Sandals! TJ Maxx

I  discovered these fun and sexy sandals at TJ Maxx for $19.99!  I actually walked around the store , in them to make sure I really like them...and  that they were comfortable.

OPI has the best nail polish colors!

See how well the nail polish color works with my new sandals?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tamera Mowry Gets Adam Housley, Fox News Correspondent

Tamera Mowry, Sister, Sister, and Adam Housley, Fox News Correspondent, were married in May 2011, in front of 300 guests.  The wedding was in beautiful Napa Valley, California.  I just love Tamera's cathedral veil! 

I love her choice of color for the bridemaids and matron of honor, her sister Tia Mowry, The Game.   Tamera's updo is very trendy and perfect for her special day!
Black Celebrity Wedding: Tamera Mowry Gets Married. - Ethnic Wedding Planning - For Vibrant Brides Of Color. Wedding Ideas, African American Invitations, Reception Decorations

Dayspring Life to the Full Kitchen & Table: 50% Off Online Sale

Life Collection 12" Large Dinner Plate $9.99 sale

Life Collection 8" Dessert Plate $4.49 Sale

I Love A Big Ring With An Inexpensive Price!

I purchased this fun ring last summer while shopping with Kiana.  I got home, put it in a drawer and forgot about it.

While admiring some big rings on Etsy I remembered that I had the ring.  I love how it looks.

My Journey with Savella....It's a Brighter Day

Since taking the Savella for almost a month I'm up to 100 milligrams a day.  It truly settles me.  It's like having a phone with multi-lines all ringing at once and then the next day trading it all in for a single line phone. My mind is peaceful.  And I haven't had that in my entire life.

While I'm not the bubbly and overly affection wife I've notice that when I do want to hold my husband's hand I do.  And when I have the urge to kiss him...I do.  And the intimacy is back. 

It's a different experience but definitely for the better.  I'm able to enjoy the moment...that very moment.  And isn't that what we all want? 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rat Race Rebellion Work at Home Jobs---Freebies-Updates---June-28--2011

Rat Race Rebellion offers legitimate work at home and telecommuting job opportunities at their website. You can sign up to receive their daily job listing as well as stopping by their website to check out their permanent listings.

I actually found my full time work at home tech support job, as well as my husband finding his part time work at home customer service and sales job at Century Link at Rat Race Rebellion!

Summertime Favorites at IHOP

America Ferrera Got Married! Ugly Betty Star

America Ferrera married long time boyfriend this week.  She chose to have an intimate wedding with close friends and family.  I wish her and her new husband the very best future!

Looking for July 4th Decorating Ideas? Better Homes and Gardens

Check out this article for some July 4th home decorating ideas.

My Husband's Name is Charles and He Works in Customer Service Too!

Yesterday, I was transferring a phone call to customer service and the rep said their name was Charles.  I shared with him that my husband's name is Charles and he works in customer service too.

Just before I conferenced the customer he asked me to standby.  I chuckled and mentioned that my husband always says that. 

I released the call and turned around to hear Big Daddy say the customer's name!  I didn't even know I was talking him!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Money Saving Tips for Your Electric Bill During the Summer

Las Vegas summers are brutal...and so are our electric bills.  Last year, our monthly average was $250.  Not bad for a 3 bedroom apartment but we decided that we would make an effort this summer to lower that amount.

First we really cleaned the refrigerator coils that are underneath door.  I check them for any dust bunnies and sweep and vacuum daily.  It's also recommended to clean behind your refrigerator.

Our oven really heats up our kitchen and raises the temp so we tend to eat more salads and sandwiches.   If we are using the oven it's usually in the late evening.

The experts say to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees.  Our personal choice is to leave it at 75 degrees. We do have good room fans in each room that run 24/7.  

When we do leave the home we raise the a/c temp and cut off the fans.  I also keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day.  In our home office I use a blackout curtain because that's the hottest room in the home. It helps keep the room cool. If you're like me and not a fan of those drab curtains I've noticed even Country Curtains sells attractive blackout curtains.

I did have our maintenance person stop by in late spring to do an a/c check.  It was definitely well worth because he found a couple mechanical problems and fixed them.  He also changed all the filters.  

When running the washer and dryer we keep the door closed.  Sometimes Marcus, our son, will wash clothes around 8pm.  I've read that it's recommended to run your large appliances in the late evening.

This month, our electric bill was only $170!  Now that's the results of great team work!  For more money saving tips, check out this article.

Please Call Before You Dig...Call 811

When spring arrives our phone volume increases with a familar response.  "Oh my gosh! We were installing a new fences or digging a hole for a bush or adding a deck when I was on the phone or/and the Internet and then everything went dead!"

To save time and money...because your utility is going to be charging you or the company that was doing the digging, call 811 in your area before you start your project.  You can also Google 1800 Dig followed by your state for the website and contact information.  And your local phone, water and electric utilities will have these number as well.

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