Friday, July 15, 2011

Chocolate Covered Daydreams Got Married This Week! Blogging Buddy

As you know I love a good wedding.  That I love posting and sharing photos of the big day.  Also, I usually posting celebrity weddings but when I read that one my blogging buddies was getting married I just had to share!

Oh, you can also stop by Chocolate Covered Daydreams to see more wedding photos and to read about her wedding.  I want to wish her and the hubby the very best future!  

I love the color of her dress.  It's nice to see a bridal bouquet with mixed colors. 

A park like this is a welcome change to getting married inside.

The bride with her two gorgeous daughters!

Boy, Have I Changed Over One Year!

July 2010 - 49 years old

July 2010 48 years old    My husband and son recently commented on how much my physical appearance has changed over the year.  It wasn't until I started taking photos that I realized that they are right!

Couple Time: Going Swimming After Work

My hat, beach towel and sarong
Recently, my husband asked me if I wanted to go unwind and cool down after I finish my work shift at 7pm.

It's so relaxing to watch the sunset from the pool together.

And it doesn't hurt that we're getting some exercise too.

After a long, hot summer day this is the perfect way nightcap.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pajamas - Hilton at Home

Did you know that Hilton Hotels offers work at home opportunities in Tampa, FL and Dallas, TX? Stop by the Hilton @ Home website for more details and work at home job opportunities.

Good luck in your job search!

Organizing Chords, Cables and Devices for Your Home Office

Marcus, our son, has promised to get my computer, printer,phone and other office machine wires organized this weekend.

I Know The Heavenly Father Has Plans For Me!

In my daily prayers I always ask The Heavenly Father to point me into a new direction.  I've actually been wanting to do something different then when it comes to my job for sometime now.  I feel in my heart that in time He will guide there.

I thank you Heavenly Father for always being with me...and loving me.  In Jesus' name Amen!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Have You Tried the Carl's Jr Original Grilled Chicken Salad ?

Marcus recently gave me a coupon for a free Carl's Jr Chicken Salad so when the electricity went out the hubby and I decided that we would head to Carl's Jr to have some lunch and get cooled down.

I'm not a big fan of fast food salads because sometimes the quality of the ingredients are poor or the selection doesn't Wow me. 
The Original Grilled Chicken Salad has given me hope!  The chicken was hot, moist and delicious.  The tomato wedges were firm and tasty.  And there wasn't a wilted lettuce leaf to be seen.  Shredded mixed cheese, sliced cucumber and red onion and a bag of croutons completes the salad.    You then have your choice of dressings.

This is a salad that I'll definitely be having again!

Waterfront Home Tour - Victorian Home Photos at Better Homes and Gardens

Charles and I have never been homeowners.  For us, purchasing a home is a long term committment.  We want to be in love with the location and the home.  So for now, we rent because we like the idea of moving every few years.

But today, I was introduced to a home that made us think twice about being nomads. 

I hope that when we decide to settle down that we will find a home that we fall in love with. 

Take a moment and enjoy this house tour!
The decor looks so comfortable.  I can visual Charles taking an afternoon nap on the couch.

A Beautiful Swimsuit for Ladies With Curves - Kiyonna

This is cute for relaxing at the pool with the hubby!
Just because your a size 16 doesn't mean you can't look fabulous in a swimsuit!  What I love about Kiyonna is that they sell flattering stylish swimsuits. 

The Ava Convertible Swimsuit $118
The Ava Convertible Swimsuit gives you lots of looks so you're definitely getting your money's worth!

I love the one shoulder look!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monica's Wedding Dress is Amazing! Renewal Ceremony

Monica, singer, and Shannon Brown, NBA basketball player decided to renew their wedding vows recently. 
Her wedding dress truly captures her personality.  And check out those earrings, aren't they gorgeous?  She looks so beautiful. 

Congratulations to the happy couple.

The Closer is Back With a Bang! Final Season

Brenda Lee Johnson and David Gabriel, The Closer on TNT
Just when we thought this would be a typical episode of The Closer we were hit with a shocking ending.  And we loved it!

Despite this being the final season the writers still have the ability to keep us glued to this show with great stories.

If you haven't seen the new episode I won't be providing a spoiler here.  I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Removing Strife From Your Life - Joyce Meyer Ministries

I've mentioned that during my first experience dealing with the severe pain after a car accident that someone gave me a Joyce Meyer book.  The words and the overwhelming emotions that I felt while reading it helped me deal with the journey to a new chapter of my life.

These days I watch and listen at Joyce Meyer Ministries.  What a blessing!

Let's Celebrate 60 Years of Marriage! About Marriage.Com

Don't you love it when the media celebrates a long term marriage?!

Congratulations to Sid and Bette Snyder!  They have been married for 60 years as of June 30, 2011.

"We persevered and stuck together and made it through. Our marriage required hard work, total commitment, fidelity and honesty. I have always felt a sense of humor to be important in a solid marriage. We could always laugh at ourselves and each other and that made marriage fun. I'm glad to say all three kids have wonderful sense of humors, too. We've had rich and interesting lives after humble beginnings. We've had 60 years of marriage and enjoyed the ride. We still love each other and tell each other so every night before we go to bed. Life has been good."

Source: Amanda Frink. "Snyders Celebrate 60 Years Together." 7/05/2011.

Red, White & Blue Cake and Ice Cream Treats in a Mason Jar - A Summer Treat

Box of white cake mix


Vegetable Oil

1 Quart Whipping Cream

3 tablespoons Sugar

2 tablespoon Vanilla

Red & Blue Food Coloring

Vanilla & Strawberry First Street Ice Cream from Smart & Final

First Street ice cream toppings

1. Heat your oven to 325 degrees.

2. Begin by mixing together a box of white cake mix. Smart and Final has the option to purchase either the Duncan Hines cake mix boxes or they have a large bag of First Street Cake Mix you can buy. I decided to go with the small box for the purpose of this recipe.

3. Divide the cake mix evenly in three bowls.

4. Take one bowl of white cake mix and put it to the side. Add red food coloring to the second bowl and blue food coloring to the third. I went with a 4th of July theme, but you can use this recipe for any occasion.

5. Mix well so that all the color blends evenly into the cake mix.

6. Grab your cupcake pans and get ready to pour. I chose to use cupcake liners to bake and then remove them later, but you can use also just Pam Butter Spray and put the mix directly into the cupcake pan.

7. Bake your cupcakes for the allotted amount of time on the box.

8. When your timer goes off, take out your cupcakes and set them on the counter to cool. This will take a couple of hours.

9. Take all the cupcakes out of the liners and cut them in half.

10. Mix up some Heavy Whipping Cream, Sugar and Vanilla extract using egg beaters in a separate bowl. You can also use whipping cream from a can, I just love how fresh whipped cream tastes.

11. Grab a mason jar and we’re ready to build our treat. Add 1/2 a red cupcake, then create a small layer of whipping cream. Add 1/2 a white cupcake, then another small layer of whipping cream. Then finally add 1/2 a blue cupcake. Grab your First Street Ice Cream (I got both Strawberry and Vanilla) and add a scoop to the top. You can then add some more whip cream, a cherry, a variety of great First Street toppings and top it off with some syrup.

12. Now you and your guests can enjoy a yummy treat all contained a pretty mason jar!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to test your phone line if you have no dial tone

I work in the residential phone repair department where "I don't have a dial tone"! is heard quite frequently.

Here's a short video on not only checking your phone test box, the NID, but steps to troubleshoot when it's an inside issue.

These steps can save you an unneccessary tech visit by restoring the dial tone as well as determining if it's your phone equipment that causing the problem. (easy fix ex: changing out the phone cord, no longer using the bad phone)

If after the troubleshooting you still haven't found the issue then give your phone provider a call. They're there to help.

I'm In The Mood For Pancakes This Morning!

jumping tandem: Sunday

jumping tandem: Sunday: "We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God's original purpose in everything created. For ever..."

Have a very blessed day!

Recognizing What You Have - Joel Osteen

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