Saturday, July 23, 2011

BerryMorins Love Cereal Anytime of The Day!

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Our family loves eating cereal!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a snack.  It's the perfect food.  We usually have your healthy choices like Cheerios and Special K and some thing sweet like Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms.

If I'm having a bowl of Lucky Charms I still try to pick out the marshmallows, from my bowl,  with my spoon like I did when I was a kid!
Frosty Flakes with 2% Fat Milk

I guess we're not alone in our love of cereal.  There's even a chain of restaurant that called Cereality.

Borders Is Closing Their Remaining Stores: Do You Think This is The End of the Large Brick and Mortar Bookstores?

I was on my way to kill sometime at our local Borders and had a rude awakening.  There was for leasing signs on the building and all of the signs and logos were removed.  What a let down!

Now the official announcement has been made the Borders will be closing their remaining stores by September 2011.

My husband and I started talking about the times we would spend an afternoon in a bookstore with Marcus and then head over to the Starbucks to have a coffee and a treat.  Nice memories.

Cut to our book buying habits in the last 6 years...we're book buyers.  It quick, we don't need to travel to a store and the prices are less.

So, it got me to thinking do you think this marks the end of the large brick and mortar bookstore?  Do you purchase your books and magazines online?  Do you have an E-reader?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Save the Date! Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth 10 Year Anniversary Gala, October 1, 2011

Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas
Save the Date  $500 for individuals

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Ten year Anniversary Gala , celebrating the decade implementation of the Right to Shelter Law, Saturday, October 1st 2011 at MGM.

Family Reunion of all the homeless youth we have youth served, having them present with how their lives are today.

And Honoring the original "Coalition for Homeless Youth" visionaries:
Kathleen Boutin
Barbara Buckley
Father Dave Casselegio
Bob Rose
Jan Cohen
Kenny Guinn
David Mereaux
Dr Donald Kwalick
Mike O Callaghan
Marlene Richter
Richard Steinberg
Robert Tueton

Share Your Marriage Advice Tip at Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life!

My best 2 marriage advice tips came from a good friend and my mother!

A good friend shared this with me :  "Treat your husband like a king and he'll treat you like a queen"!  Oh man was she right!  After 15 years it's just automatic that I think of him first and want to pamper my Big Daddy daily!   

Mom's advice came early in my marriage so here's my spin on it!  "If you want me to sit at your dinner table tomorrow don't tell me what stupid thing your husband did."  I never understood why people share the details of fights and such with their mother.  She's your mom!  She's going to want to protect you!  

You and your husband make up!  Then head to mom's for Sunday dinner and you're wondering why she wants to throw a pot of hot grits at your hubby?  "Meow"!

 I do welcome the advice especially that our main focus isn't on daily parenting of our Bacon Eating Kid. (he's 19 years old and will be leaving in a year) We're looking at a new stage of our lives as a couple with an empty nest.   Scary? Yes!  Exciting?  Yes!

Do you want to join in on the fun on Show Us Your Life?  Head over to Kelly's Korner!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Check Out Rat Race Rebellion For Work at Home Job Opportunities

Rat Race Rebellion offers legitimate work at home and telecommuting job opportunities at their website. You can also sign up to receive their daily job listing as well as stopping by their website to check out their permanent listings.

You'll find writing, courthouse researcher, and even healthcare work at home job listings!

I actually found my full time work at home tech support job with full benefits at Century Link at Rat Race Rebellion!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love My Model Model Carmen Wig! Luxurious Beauty Boutique

Model Model Carmen Wig $24.99 TB1B/30

After viewing the YouTube reviews on this wig I knew I had to purchase one for myself!  You're going to need a paddle brush and a wide tooth comb to style this baby to bring out those gorgeous feathers and blend the curls. 

My husband says he loves the feel of this wig.  It is a synthetic but it's much softer then my more expensive ones.  Oh, and I need to mention that it's a full cap wig.  You'll find combs at the center front and back for security.  There are adjustable straps at the back, if you want to use those.

I'll try to remember to have my hubby take some side and back photos of this one so you can see those views.  I just love it!

Hash House a go go hiring for its new downtown location at the Plaza Hotel -

Chicken and Waffles at Hash House A Go Go
Hash House a go go hiring for its new downtown location at the Plaza Hotel -

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Time Blog Giveaway - QueenBee Inspirations at Etsy

I'm having a Summer Time Blog Giveaway courtesy of QueenBee Inspirations. She makes beautiful handmade cards, tags and banners and sells them at her store at Etsy.  And I've been a huge fan and customer of hers for years!

So, here's how you can enter for your chance to win this package of 4 greeting cards,4 gift tags, envelope seals and a bookmark.  Just leave a comment sharing your favorite item at QueenBee Inspirations.  You can also get an additional entry by following QueenBee Inspirations at Twitter and Facebook.

Just leave a comment that you're a follower of QueenBee Inspirations at this post.

Let's review....Must leave a comment at this post for 1 entry....Follow @QueenBeeetsy at Twitter for an additional entry....Friend QueenBee Inspirations at Facebook for an additional entry.  Deadline is August 19, 2011 at 8pm PST.  Opent to USA only.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

jumping tandem: Sunday

jumping tandem: Sunday: "God , my shepherd! I don't need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to ..."

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