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Sam's Club Purchase! We Won't Be Running Out Anytime Soon!

Marcus and my husband stopped by Sam's Club this morning.  Amongst the usual coffee, fruit and snacks they purchased this huge box of toilet paper. 

I'm so glad I actually have the storage space for this!

Hair Deciding If It Wants to Grow In!

Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life: Baby Showers!

This Friday's Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner is Your Baby Showers! You can post your baby showers photos and comments or those who've thrown at your blog and then link back to Kelly's Korner.

I was blessed with experiencing 4 baby showers when I was pregnant with Marcus, in my hometown of Portland, Maine, 19 years ago!  Unfortunately I don't have any of the photos except this one.  My sister, Rhonda, threw me a large surprise baby shower and Yes, I was surprised!

I laugh when I see all of that hair!  While I was pregnant my hair grew like crazy.  And check out those black and white checkered leggings?! Yikes!

I remember receiving amazing gifts, including a crib from my mom, handmade knitted hats, socks and jackets,3 high chairs, and 2 playpens!  The food was delicious.  At one baby shower we even had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings!

My mother's job even threw her a grandmother shower!  She received a car seat, stroller, high chair, play pens and lots…

Heading to Gilcrease Orchard This Weekend! Couple Time

I'm so looking forward to spending some time with the hubby this weekend!

We're renting a vehicle and heading to Gilcrease Orchard to pick and purchase some cucumbers, okra and tomatoes!   I might try my hand at canning too this weekend too.

I missed out on Can-It-Forward Day last weekend because I dropped and broke the jars.

My hubby loves this type of orchard where you pick your own vegetables and fruit. I like doing little things like this for him. And I love seeing the smile on his face!

Curried Shrimp Rolls: My Go To Summer Time Sandwich

The hot temps have returned to Las Vegas! It's 3pm, 107 degrees and getting hotter! You're hungry but you don't want a heavy meal.

I love making Curried Shrimp Rolls for dinner. I usually serve them with some sliced tomatoes inside the toasted rolls and served each with half a lemon.

They taste delicious. And I'm not heating up the kitchen!

Do You Treat Yourself to a Professional Pedicures Or Manicures?

I was a bit surprised with the reaction of followers of Cindy Rushton comments at her FaceBook page that she was going to treat herself to a pedicure!

Commenter:  How can you stand to have someone mess with your feet? I would be hurting someone if they had their hands on my feet. Shudder. I hate being restricted or confined. I tend to lash out. hmmm could be why hubby has never asked if I wanted a pedicure or manicure. He's protecting people from me.

I didn't know that some people felt that strongly about not having a pedicure.  

I love having pedicures because I like wearing sandals, my feet feel so good afterwards and it's nice to get some pampering.  

Do you enjoy having a professional pedicure or manicure? 

My Daily Pill Intake As a Severe Chronic Pain Sufferer

One of my Facebook buddies, who also suffers from severe chronic pain, shared her daily pill intake.  It definitely looked like a lot!

In my experience, I never really visioned that this many pills on a day-to-day basis.  Pain management, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressants, sleeping pill, potassium to counteract the medications reactions on my system.

Product Recommendation: White Brite Laundry Whitner

When I find a product that works I always want to share the news with you!
ps This is not a paid review.

Suicide is Painful ! Praise and Coffee

Rona Comments at Praise and Coffee in May 2010.

After my suicidal attempt in April and being committed I now know how serious my depression really is.
I also know that the triggers that lead me towards this decision and my lack of faith overwhelmed me.
I now am working hard to regain the trust I once had from our teenage son and my husband.
But most importantly myself. Because I never thought I was capable of making the decision to end my life.

It sadden me when I read the Russell Armstrong, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spouse, committed suicide.  When one makes that decision it's truly selfish.  We think people will be better without us.  Boy, are we wrong!

If you are contemplating suicide please seek help immediately.  If you know someone who's saying they're going to kill themselves please get them help immediately. 

Also, read Suicide is Painful.  It's a powerful blog post.  And I hope that it will bring you some hope.

Charles' Advice for Job Seekers Dealing With Long Term Unemployment

Me: Did you find work during your unemployment?
Charles:  Yes, I actually found a part time job working at Uhaul, as a customer service rep.  I was responsible for getting the trucks and vans ready for the pick up, walking customers through the inspection and cleaning the vehicles when dropped off.
I also worked for Centurylink as a customer service and sales rep at home.  That job definitely paid more than Uhaul. I also had the opportunity to earn bonus money and working at home meant no commute. 

Me:  Why did you decide to apply for a city bus driver position?
Charles:  I realized I wasn't getting any where with applying for administrative support or management positions so I took a look at my current skill set and knew I had change the direction of my job search.  I have a great driving record, was comfortable driving and parking large trucks with trailers and since I use the bus transit I was able to speak with bus drivers about their job!

Me:  Was it scary decision to go towar…

I'm Having An Online Pampered Chef Party! Come Join Us!

Over the years our son, Marcus, has asked me to purchase him some Pampered Chef items for him for when he moves out.  So,I decided to have an online party to get him started.  He picked out some must haves, like the Round Baking Stone!

I've had my Round Baking Stone for years!  I think I paid $16 for it!  And Marcus actually wanted me to give him mine.  No way baby!
If you would like me to send you an e-vite just email me at with your name and email address.  The party will be ending on August 30, 2011, Tuesday.

Winner of the Summertime Blog Giveaway Courtesy of QueensBeeInspiration

We have a winner of the Summertime Blog Giveaway Handmade Card package from QueensBeeInspiration!

Cynthia, Treasures from Darkness, is the winner!  Thank you to all of you that enter! 

jumping tandem: Sunday

jumping tandem: Sunday: My choice is you, God , first and only. And now I find I'm your choice! ~Psalm 16:5, The Message

Sherri Shepherd Wedding | Purple Wedding Invitations | Purple Wedding Ideas

Sherri Shepherd Wedding | Purple Wedding Invitations | Purple Wedding Ideas

Sherri Shepard, of "The View", married Lamar Sally last week, in Chicago.

This curvy lady looked amazing in her gown! I love the straps and her cathedral veil.  She definitely made the right decision to wear her hair up. 

Check out her big white bouquet!  It looks like the big bouquet is hot this summer.

Lamar looks very handsome in his suit.  Great job!

Congratulations Sherri and Lamar!

"The Closer": Thank Goodness for Online Episodes

Now that Charles is working full time and in training we head to bed early.  That means we don't get to see some of our favorite couple time TV shows, like "The Closer"

We head to our home office, turn on our desktop and large monitor to catch up on the episodes!