Saturday, October 08, 2011

Are You Planning On Passing Out Halloween Candy This Year?

It seems with every passing year we get less kids stopping by for trick or treat candy.  Lets face it you're competing with Harvest Festivals, parties and sponsored events for those trick or treaters.

So, are you planning on passing out Halloween candy this year? 

I think we'll purchase 2 of those Hersey mini bags and call it a day.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Are You Keeping Up With "Young and the Restless"?

While I was off work I actually found myself watching "Young and the Restless" once again!

Neil walking his daughter, Lily, down the aisle - one of my favorite weddings
There's so many battles on the show right now.  Whether it's Adam and Victor or Victor and Jack it's entertaining!

I'm Feeling Better ! Back to Work

After 3 weeks off from work it's time to return.  I'm actually finding with each day I'm feeling much better.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.

Now it's time to get back to work and earn some money!

ps don't forget to check out today's work at home and telecommuting jobs at Rat Race Rebellion!

Cooler Weather Has Arrived in Las Vegas!

It's been raining cats and dogs in Las Vegas this week!  And with the rain we've actually managed to cool down to around the low 70's!

We've had enough of the hot temps and definitely welcome the cooler temps!  Now I just need to locate my warmer clothes.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

It's Supper Time: Deep Fried Southern Fried Chicken

I find draining on a rack keeps the chicken crispy and less greasy!

Chicken is perfectly tip for frying thighs is 16 to 18 mins
I grew up eating Southern Fried Chicken thanks to my mother.  I learned from her and made it many times while growing up.

But when I got married I wasn't making it often due to our diet.  And I forgot many of the tricks till I watched an episode of the Cook's Country on Create TV

So last night, I was feeling up to making a batch and let's face it chicken is so inexpensive these days! 

The chicken turned out moist and juicy inside and crispy outside. 

Here's some of my other tricks:  

I use a plastic bag with seasoned flour to coat my chicken.  I also tap off excess before placing it into the pan.
I like to use vegetable oil. 
When seasoning, make sure to use salt and pepper on your chicken.  If you can, let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.
When cooking thighs cut along the bone on both sides.  This will give you through cooking!

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