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Showing posts from October 9, 2011

What's New On The Work at Home Job Front

I actually have an job interview next Friday for a seasonal Work at Home Customer Service Rep position at Teletech .  I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for a full time Work at Home E-Chat position.

Due to the unreliable phone and Internet Service with my current employer I decided to look elsewhere.  These days not many of us can go without a paycheck for 3 or more weeks.

It's Time for Halloween Craft Ideas!

I really love to decorate but I don't want want to spend a lot of money.  I also have a great idea for those Halloween cards that you receive over the years.

First, here's a Crepe Halloween Wreathproject you can make in an afternoon, courtesy of Country Living!

And here's a tip for reusing those Halloween cards.  You can display them on shelves, desks and tables throughout your house.

Neighbors Sharing Their Bounty

One of our neighbors stopped by to share some of their vegetables and bread that they received from their church today.

I truly needed that message Heavenly Father.  Thank you!